Skirmish Cancellation

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Skirmish Cancellation is an informal game term referring to either a full-blown deck archetype or a support gambit. Skirmish cancellation is, quite simply, canceling skirmishes, as if they never happened. Skirmish Canceling is a large part of Fellowship block deckbuilding, and has a place in Towers Block. However, Movie Block and later formats rarely use it, with the exception of the Expanded and Standard Pipeweed strategy.

Most skirmish canceling is done with these cards: Hobbit Stealth (1C298)LOTR-EN01S298.0 card.jpg and Hobbit Intuition (1C296)LOTR-EN01S296.0 card.jpg, Gandalf's Staff (2R22)LOTR-EN02S022.0 card.jpg, and Halfling Leaf (17U106)LOTR-EN17S106.0 card.jpg.

Discarding a character does not cancel a skirmish, rather the remaining character wins the skirmish.

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General Strategies BeatdownBombCorruptionDirect Wounding/Undirected WoundingHand ExtensionRun/StopSkirmish CancellationSwarmWin ConditionWound Prevention
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