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Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (4R73) is a Culture Elven.svg Elven Companion from the The Two Towers set.

Collection Info
Title Legolas
Subtitle Dauntless Hunter
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Notes Lists: EXL
Set 4 - The Two Towers
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 73
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Elven.svg Elven
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Companion
Race Elf
Twilight Cost 2
Strength 6
Vitality 3
Signet Aragorn
Game Text Archer.

The twilight cost of each Shadow event and Shadow condition is +1 for each unbound Hobbit you can spot.

Lore “‘They are far, far away.... I know in my heart that they have not rested this night.'”
DE - German

Game Text Bogenschütze.

Die Zwielichtkosten für alle Schatten-ereignisse und Schatteneffekte erhöhen sich um 1 für jeden nicht-verbundenen Hobbit, den du entdecken kannst.

Lore "Sie sind weit, weit fort.... Ich weiß in meinem Herzen, dass sie in dieser Nacht nicht gerastet haben.“
ES - Spanish

Game Text Arquero. El coste de penumbra de cada evento de Sombra y de cada condición de Sombra es +1 por cada Hobbit no-vinculado que puedas avistar.
Lore “Están de veras muy lejos... El corazón me dice que no han descansado esta noche.”
FR - French

Game Text Archer.

Le coût crépusculaire de chaque événement de l’Ombre et situation de l’Ombre est de +1 pour chaque Hobbit dissocié que vous pouvez désigner.

Lore « “Ils sont très, très loin... Je sais dans mon c*ur qu'il n'ont pris aucun repos cette nuit.” »
IT - Italian

Game Text Arciere.

Aggiungi +1 al costo crepuscolo di ogni evento Ombra e di ogni condizione Ombra per ogni Hobbit Non Legato che puoi avvistare.

Lore “‘Sono molto molto lontani... il cuore mi dice che non si sono concessi alcun riposo questa notte.'”
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN04S073.0
GEMP ID 4_73
LOTRO Hex ID 69 94 D0 03
LOTRO Image ID 04_073


Along with Gimli, Lockbearer and Aragorn, Wingfoot, Legolas, Dauntless Hunter makes up one of the three hunters searching for Merry and Pippin. Each of these characters gain bonuses from spotting the unbound hobbits, with Legolas' being the most popular and well known ability.

Spotting both Merry and Pippin allows Legolas to make each Shadow Condition and Event twilight cost +2. This greatly decreases the versatility of otherwise free shadow cards (Such as popular skirmish events), and can make the more expensive cards cost as much as a minion to play. When combined with choke, condition discard or Vilya, Legolas has the potential to cripple condition-heavy or event-heavy shadows, clogging up the opponent's hand and constricting the flow of their deck. This generally makes him the most desirable choice of companion for Unbound Hobbit decks, followed by Aragorn, Wingfoot. Since using all three hunters (And Merry and Pippin) gives the Free Peoples player 6 companions (Vulnerable to Ulaire Enquea, LoM; Greed, The Number Must be Few or other large Fellowship hate) and 4 cultures (Vulnerable to Grima, Chief Counselor; Orc Insurgent; Southron Leader or other multiculture hate), it is generally advisable to use only one, or at most two of the trio.

The primary weakness of Legolas, Dauntless Hunter are his (relatively) low statistics combined with Merry and Pippin's low strength values. Against Beatdown decks, which generally lack conditions and events, a Fellowship using this combination will offen suffer as it is unable to cope with the physically stronger minions, especially if they are Fierce or have Damage bonuses. Legolas or Merry and Pippin are also vulnerable to assassination effects such as those of Hate; Saruman, Servant of the Eye or Brought Back Alive.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Event-based shadows (Some [isengard] Uruk and [raider] variants)
  • Condition-based shadows (Especially [moria] and [sauron])

Weak Versus...[edit]

  • Beatdown decks with few events/conditions ([isengard] Warg-Riders, some [wraith], [isengard] Uruk and [dunland] variants)


  • Prior to set 11, Merry and Pippin are the only unbound hobbits (Since allies are neither unbound nor Ring-bound). Because of the extra unbound hobbits added in set 11 onwards, Legolas, Dauntless Hunter is X-listed after Movie Block.

Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Legolas, Greenleaf (1R50) Archer.

Archery: Exert Legolas to wound a minion; Legolas does not add to the fellowship archery total.

Legolas, Prince of Mirkwood (1U51) Archer.

While skirmishing a Nazgûl, Legolas is strength +3.

Legolas, Son of Thranduil (3P121) Archer.

While Legolas is at a river or forest, add 1 to the fellowship archery total.

Legolas, Elven Comrade (4C74) Archer.

Skirmish: Exert Legolas to make a minion skirmishing an unbound companion strength -1 (or -2 if that companion is Gimli).

Legolas, Archer of Mirkwood (5P121) Archer.

Each time Legolas wins a skirmish, you may heal a Dwarf companion or another Elf companion.

Legolas, Fearless Marksman (7R25) Archer.

Archery: If you have initiative, discard 4 cards from hand to wound a minion.

Legolas, Nimble Warrior (7C26) Archer.

Archery: If you cannot spot a threat, add a threat to make the fellowship archery total +1.

Legolas, Elven Stalwart (8C10) Archer.

While you can spot 3 wounded minions, each minion skirmishing Legolas is strength –3.

Legolas, Companion of the Ring (11S21) While Legolas is at a battleground or forest site, he is strength +2 and resistance +2.
Legolas, Woodland Emissary (11R22) At the start of the archery phase, you may spot another Elf to exert a minion.
Legolas, of the Grey Company (13R18) Archer.

At the start of each archery phase, you may reveal the top card of your draw deck. If it is an Culture Elven.svg card, wound a minion.

Legolas, Fleet-footed Hunter (15S18) Hunter 1. (While skirmishing a non-hunter character, this character is strength +1.)

Regroup: Exert 2 hunter companions to draw a card.

Legolas, of the Woodland Realm (15R19) Archer. Hunter 1(While skirmishing a non-hunter character, this character is strength +1.).

Archery: Exert Legolas to make the fellowship archery total +1 for each hunter minion you can spot.(Limit +3)

Legolas, Skeptical Guide (19P7) Archer. Fellowship.

Archery: Add two threats to wound a minion; Legolas does not add to the fellowship archery total.

Legolas, Nimble Elf (0W3) Archer. Triumph - At the start of the archery phase, you may make the fellowship archery total +1.
Legolas, Keen-eyed (V1_9) Archer.

Archery: Make the fellowship archery total -X (to a minimum of 0) to make Legolas strength +X until the regroup phase. You cannot use archery special abilities.​

See Also[edit]


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