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(For the adventure path strategy, please see Site Race.)

In The Lord of the Rings TCG, people and creatures from the movies are represented on cards like companions and minions. The majority of these cards also list a given race, which can then be targeted by other cards and players.

To learn about stategies revovling specifically around race, please see race strategies.

List of Races[edit]

Unloaded Keywords
Race Decipher [Raceless] • BalrogCreatureDwarfElfEntHalf-trollHobbitMaiaManNazgûlOrcSpiderTreeTrollUruk-haiWizardWraith
Player's Council CrowEagle
Hobbit Draft Game BirdDragonEagleGiantGoblin
Decipher BattlegroundDwellingForestMarshMountainPlainsRiverUnderground
General Decipher BesiegerCorsairEasterlingEngineFellowshipFortificationKnightMachinePipeweedRangerRing-boundSearchSouthronSpellStealthTaleTentacleTrackerTwilight • [Unbound] • ValiantVillagerWeatherWarg-rider
Player's Council Pony
Hobbit Draft Game BurglarCunningWise