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Uruk-hai (both singular and plural, and also just called Uruks) are a new breed of orcs that appear in the Third Age, as tall and strong and well-armed as men. In this game, uruks are a Shadow-Aligned race, only appearing as minions. Uruk minions generally have middling to high strength, and often have Fierce or Damage +1, representing their ferocity in battle. They also often have the Tracker or Hunter keywords. Most Uruk decks are beatdown decks.

For the first nine sets, all Uruk-hai are Culture Isengard.svg Isengard minions. For these sets, "Uruks" almost always refers to an Isengard Shadow deck, possibly also including Saruman and/or Grima, but probably not including any of the Culture Isengard.svg Isengard orc or men minions. Complicating things somewhat, the Mount Doom set introduces Culture Sauron.svg Sauron-culture uruks, but most of them see little play except for Shagrat, Captain of Cirith Ungol (10R99)LOTR-EN10S099.0 card.jpg.

The next set, Shadows, reorganizes the Shadow cultures. In that set and all subsequent sets, all Uruk-hai race minions are Culture Uruk-hai.svg Uruk-hai culture, and, except for a few versions of Saruman, all Culture Uruk-hai.svg Uruk-hai culture minions are also Uruk-hai race.

Cards which specify "Uruk-hai" like Savagery to Match Their Numbers (1R139)LOTR-EN01S139.0 card.jpg can affect any minion with the Uruk-hai race, regardless of culture. However, cards like Brutality (11S180)LOTR-EN11S180.0 card.jpg that specifically mention the Culture Uruk-hai.svg culture icon can only affect cards with the new culture introduced in Shadows.

While Lord of the Rings establishes that Uruk-hai are a new breed of orcs, in this game Uruk-hai are considered a separate race from orcs. Thus, they are not affected by cards that affect orcs, like Sting (1R313)LOTR-EN01S313.0 card.jpg.

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Race [Raceless] Balrog Creature Dwarf Elf Ent Half-Troll Hobbit Maia
Man Nazgûl Orc Spider Tree Troll Uruk-hai Wizard Wraith
Site Battleground Dwelling Forest Marsh Mountain Plains River Underground
General Besieger Corsair Easterling Engine Fellowship Fortification Knight Machine Pipeweed
Ranger Ring-bound Search Southron Spell Stealth Tale Tentacle Tracker
Twilight [Unbound] Valiant Villager Weather Warg-rider