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Half-Trolls are a race of troll-men that are briefly mentioned in Lord of the Rings as part of Sauron's armies. In this game, they are two Orc culture minions from Expanded Middle-Earth: Half-troll of Far Harad (14R12) and Horror of Harad (14R13) .

Half-Trolls are a separate race from Trolls in this game. Cards that apply to "trolls" do not also apply to half-trolls.

List of Cards with the Half-troll Race[edit]

Portrait Card Name Culture Card Type Game Text
Half-troll of Far Harad (14R12) Orc Minion • Half-troll At the start of each assignment phase, if you can spot more companions than minions, you may remove to play an Orc from your discard pile.
Horror of Harad (14R13) Orc Minion • Half-troll Ambush . Damage +1. Fierce. Lurker. Muster. Toil 2.

List of Cards that Interact with the Half-troll Race[edit]

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