Hobbit Draft Game

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The Hobbit Draft Game (or HDG) is a fan-made set of cards created by Enola. It adapts the material of the Hobbit film trilogy the way that Decipher's game adapted the Lord of the Rings trilogy. The rules are approximately the same between the two games, albeit there are different conventions used in the HDG. The cards were designed exclusively with an eye on Draft; as a result the cards are a bit wild when used in Constructed contexts.

The French community regularly hosts HDG events as part of their annual national championship. GEMP also supports the HDG.

Draft instructions, image downloads, and other material can be found at the Hobbit Draft Game website here.


Strictly speaking, there are no true "sets" within the HDG, but for practical coding purposes the cards are divided into three groups:

Official Decipher Sets Promotional Promotional
Fellowship Block The Fellowship of the RingMines of MoriaRealms of the Elf-lords
Towers Block The Two TowersBattle of Helm's DeepEnts of Fangorn
King Block The Return of the KingSiege of GondorMount Doom
War of the Ring Block ShadowsBlack RiderBloodlines
Hunters Block The HuntersRise of SarumanTreachery & Deceit
Non-Block Sets ReflectionsExpanded Middle-earthThe Wraith CollectionAge's End
Unreleased Sets The Great EyeShelob's Lair
Unofficial Fan Sets Player's Council PC Kitchen Sink (V0)Shadow of the Past (V1)
Hobbit Draft Game Main DeckShadow PacksSupplementary Packs
mLOTRO MLOTRO Promo CardsMLOTRO Reflections II
The Journey Continues The Journey Begins