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Welcome, one and all! Below is a grand to-do list of all known issues that need to be addressed on the LotR-TCG Wiki. Feel free to take any item for your own; be sure to put your username in the rightmost column when you do so, so that future contributions can be coordinated.

Anyone can add items to this list; please speak up on the PC Discord if you're unsure under which section heading it should go.

To-Do List[edit]

Meta Items
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Complete Make a todo list. ✓ User:Teltura
Perpetually In Progress Expand the to-do list as needed The wiki is an ongoing project. Add items as needed, and update the status of items on this list as appropriate.
Incomplete Create and improve Help:Getting_started Grease the wheels of those who come after, and help reduce the barrier of entry to meaningful contribution.
Complete Evaluate card infoboxes The old card display was bottlenecked by the admin being the only one who could edit it. We now have more control over its display, as well as the ability to template out changes so that affecting the visual display of all cards is done in one place rather than literally modifying all cards. We should identify what information should show up on all cards, how it should be arranged, and what visual flair we might add.
Incomplete Look into Decks How do we integrate decks into the wiki? Do we set up a namespace and just make an article per deck? Figure these details out and implement them.
Incomplete Article Organization The old wiki had two kinds of articles: those that were about cards, and those that were chucked under the semi-hidden "main index" link. Now we've got the ability to organize articles between categories and namespaces; figure out how we should divvy everything up.
Complete Design a navigation layout and stick to it The best wikis have a logical "flow" to them, some sort of structure or hierarchy that dictates how pages link to one another. Many times this is done through the help of breadcrumb templates at the bottom of related pages, but not always. Map out and organize all of the Mechanics-related pages, take stock of the different ways cards can be listed, and organize a structure that is easy to navigate and doesn't rely on the user frequently using the search bar or special pages to get to standard articles.
Complete Card Categories What categories do we allow cards to be sorted into? How fine-grained do we go?
Complete Rework the Main Page This is the first thing anyone sees, and it could use an update. Organize a more inviting layout that summarizes the game, acts as a navigational entry point for browsing, and is built to draw people in.
Incomplete Card of the Day Showcase Put a "random card" readout on the main page, to act as a draw. If randomization is too hard, set up a "card of the day" or similar readout instead, and update it regularly.
Complete Navigation display The old wiki had three very small arrow icons for navigation. The current wiki has more of an obvious table, but there are some details that could use some polish. Decide how and if we should color-code this table based on culture and other such details that might make it pop.
Complete International Card Handling A treasure trove of previously-unknown foreign card images has been extracted from the Wayback Machine. How can we incorporate these cards into the wiki? Putting them on their own pages seems wasteful, yet incorporating them into each card page introduces challenges of its own.
Complete Reprint display The old wiki placed promotional reprints (and regular reprints) as separate pages completely divorced from the "real" card. Figure out a way to incorporate reprint images into the centralized card page (while preserving the reprints' solo articles, for searching purposes).
Complete Figure out dream card / virtual set organization Previously, only official Decipher cards were represented. How do we show virtual cards? What's the bar for a card to be included in the wiki? How do we keep them from tripping on each other?
Incomplete Decide on default article templates As we venture into new territory of adding new cards, what's the minimum sections and information a card article should have?
Complete Sidebar Links The sidebar can be customized. What makes sense to put there?
Complete Redirect Chain Figure out what articles should exist to facilitate redirects, searches, and autolinking. Possibly 1R45 -> lotr01045 -> Galadriel, Lady of Light (1R45)?

Card titles are now <Title><,Subtitle> (CollInfo). Searching will find both card title/coll info, and all the old LOTRXXXXX pages still exist as redirects.

Migration Items
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Complete Gather useful extensions Gather, evaluate, and get Kralik to install extensions that would be useful for the building up of the wiki.
Current list: Nuke, Cite, Scribunto, SyntaxHighlight, ParserFunctions, PdfHandler, WikiEditor, CodeMirror, ConfirmEdit, QuestyCaptcha, Cargo, TemplateData, GeoCrumbs, Page_Forms, Tabber, Moderation.
Complete Get extensions installed Pester Kralik until he installs all the necessary extensions for the wiki. User:Teltura
Complete Construct the IstariBot Create a general-purpose bot that can sync card data between Teltura's database and the wiki. User:Teltura
Complete Flesh out dokuwiki article converter A converter script exists that turns dokuwiki articles into MW syntax. Finish it out and get the articles ready to be imported. User:Teltura
Complete Migrate converted dokuwiki articles Once the dokuwiki articles are completely converted, mass import them using IstariBot. User:Teltura
Complete Incorporate the Hobbit Draft Game cards into the database It seems that IstariBot will mostly work with the existing SQL Server database version of the cards. Get the Hobbit cards imported so they can be integrated through that process. User:Teltura
Complete Convert Hobbit images The existing ones are PNGs and also use titles for the filename. Convert them to a LOTRXXYYY.jpg naming scheme. User:Teltura
Incomplete Backup System Get a backup system installed on a separate server. This should export all changes to the wiki regularly (nightly? weekly?) and double as a canary to alert Teltura if the wiki is inaccessible. User:Teltura
Complete Mass Article Revamp Once the dokuwiki converted articles are in place (and in the history), perform at least one mass update that draws from the database instead, ensuring that all of the dozens of typos and errors highlighted by the LOTRO dump are fixed before release (and incorporate the Hobbit cards). User:Teltura
Complete Main Page Recreation Ensure the main page has, if nothing else, a recreation of the old wiki's front page. User:Teltura
Complete Handle missing Lore and Stats Once ParserFunctions is turned on, alter the LegacyCardInfoBox to only show those entries if there is data in them. User:Teltura
Complete Handle NavBar edge cases Once ParserFunctions is turned on, alter the NavBar so that blank entries do not render an associated arrow. User:Teltura
Complete Table Rewrite Tables didn't make it when migrating. Go through Category:Pages_With_Tables_To_Fix and clean em up. User:Teltura
In Progress Comprehensive Rules Cleanup Comprehensive Rules infoboxes didn't make it when migrating. Go through Category:Comprehensive_Rules_References_That_Need_Fixed and clean em up. User:Teltura
Complete Page Link Capitalization Mismatch Page names in MW are case-sensitive, but dokuwiki was not. Go through Index and move all the articles to the correct location User:Teltura
Bypassed Security Checklist Make sure the main page and various keystone pages are locked to editing. Make sure certain cargo operations are admin-gated. Make sure the wiki is set to disallow anonymous edit.

With the advent of the Moderation plugin, all anonymous edits are forced into a review queue before approval, so it is no longer necessary to bar anonymous edits. Likewise, changes to the main page (normally a very active hotspot for drive-by spam edits) won't go live until approved. Trusted users can be set to bypass this queue.

Complete Release the Wiki 2.0 Once all the extensions are installed, the articles are restored, and the bot no longer needs to be overwriting literally everything, get Kralik's stamp of approval, promote the wiki, and open the doors to the public. User:Teltura

IstariBot Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Complete Incorporate dokuconverter Get the conversion script into the bot itself User:Teltura
Complete Convert main table Get the main card display table converting completely User:Teltura
Complete Add NavBar handling The NavBar needs the set, left, and right cards inserted into its template. User:Teltura
Complete Add card page redirects The old wiki had each card at lotrxxyyy. Create these articles, but make them redirects to the real articles at "Title, Subtitle (xRxD)" User:Teltura
Complete Add 4th stat to the legacy card infobox Turns out the signet goes on row 4. Add it. User:Teltura
Complete Set Tables Add code to manually regenerate the set/thumbnail/grand indexes User:Teltura
Complete Hook Into Wiki This code should already be in place, but make sure that the bot can upload articles to the wiki via the API. User:Teltura
Complete Fix • Dots Dots are showing as &#149; instead of •, fix this. User:Teltura
Complete Fix + or - in a stat defeating the regex Currently cards with a + or - in their stat do not get entered as a stat properly. Fix this. User:Teltura
Complete Connect to SQL Server Get connected to SQL and get models created matching all of the card concepts in C#. User:Teltura
Complete Figure out nondestructive edit mechanism The ArtificerBot had its own means of ensuring it didn't accidentally overwrite any human's edits. Ensure the IstariBot has an equivalent mechanism. User:Teltura

Technical / Cargo Items
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
Complete Get culture/twilight/block icon support added Get SVG support turned on, then upload the culture icons as vectors. Once that is done, create a series of templates for displaying the culture and twilight icons on their own.
Once that is done, create more templates that highlight the culture a bit more than just the symbol; see the "Green" culture highlighting here. Something like "[Elf] Elven", with the phrase highlighted in blue.
Complete Cargo database schema design Create a series of table definitions using cargo
Incomplete Cargo database documentation Write some documentation/tutorials for the cargo tables and all the directly related templates, so anyone with at least a little programming savvy can utilize the power of #cargo_query.
Incomplete Template documentation Come with a cohesive template documentation scheme and stick to it.
Complete Card popups Having an image of the card popup on hover over certain links is unequivocally a useful feature that would be nice to have. Identify what must be done to have it.
Unfeasible Autolinking The old wiki automatically linked various pages without needing editors to add manual links everywhere. Get LinkTitles working with this wiki (and get certain problematic article titles disabled, such as Box or Ring).

Unfortunately, LinkTitles chokes on the sheer number of article names (>8000 due to all the redirects), which adds >30 seconds to page submission times. Unless there is a way to restrict this to mechanics pages, this is an unacceptable delay.

Incomplete Detailed Advanced Search Zorbec's is as long in the tooth as the old wiki was, yet nothing has ever replaced that. Get the right extensions installed and create a page that permits finely-detailed filtering and searching of cards with ever more esoteric requirements.
Incomplete Database Export Figure out a way to get the card information exported into a new shiny version of the card spreadsheet.
Incomplete Collection Export Make a version of the above that corresponds to a master collection checklist
Complete Card Portrait Thumbnails Upload the LOTRO cropped portrait images and find a way to incorporate them as thumbnail images when referencing cards in tables (see this table here)

General Article Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)
In Progress Design and create Lists of Cards The power of #cargo_query compels you! With the cargo databases (and the Keywords analysis), the ways to divide up all the cards in the game are myriad. Come up with useful lists that would be nice to have when theorycrafting a new deck, for instance "List of Cards That Wound", and create pages and cargo tables for those lists. This is something that will likely need coordinated and discussed on the Discord.
Incomplete Create Mechanics articles Mechanics (or a similarly named hub) should act as a way of organizing all articles about the game, and should be the first place someone can look when they have questions. Find what phrases, game actions, and concepts are missing (or are horribly underserved), stick those up as articles, and fill them in.
Incomplete Introduce Format Articles The old wiki is woefully inadequate when it comes to explaining the various blocks and formats that the game can be played in. Rectify that.

General Card Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)

Individual Card Issues
Status Feature Notes Contributor(s)