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mLOTRO is an online platform allowing players from all over the world to play Lord of the Rings TCG against each other. Prototyping the core engine began in spring 2003, and actual development started on December 26th, 2004. By mid-2005 the game was ready for beta testing in a circle of close friends, and in January 2006 it was opened to the Polish LotR community. Currently, all cards released (and many additional cards) are available and extra features are under development. mLOTRO is hosted at

Most important features[edit]

mLOTRO is a classic desktop application, that works on Windows, Mac OS and Linux (that includes Steam Deck, but use Desktop Mode as Game Mode isn't multi-window friendly). Similarly to Decipher-supported Lord of the Rings Online, game rules and card effects are carried out automatically in mLOTRO, allowing for faster and smoother game play. Additionally, the game is completely free to play. Both casual games and competitive playing (in the form of tournaments and leagues) are supported. Known only to the Polish community, during the glory years (2006-2008) mLOTRO had over 200 active players. Nowadays, it's an intimate community, with about 20 players.

mLOTRO offers offline card browser, deck builder, offline solo and hotseat modes, physical collection management, as well as optional online card collecting funded by virtual dollars (earned by playing single games, tournaments, leagues, scoring high in ten ELO rankings, selling cards, trading, and helping to develop mLOTRO by reporting bugs). Organized play is available in the form of constructed, sealed & draft tournaments/leagues, including special Mount Doom leagues, and true to form Hobbit Draft Game drafts.

Important pages[edit]

Below is the list of most important screens of mLOTRO application, each linking to its own in-game tutorial page, which explains how a given screen works. Screenshots from the application are included. This is work in progress.

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