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zdl File Format[edit]

The *.zdl file format originated with Zorbec's Decklist Builder, still perhaps one of the best deck builders out there. The file format is actually just an *.ini file that's been renamed. Documentation on such a file format can be found [[1]]. Most major programming languages have libraries already set up for interpreting *.ini files, so this is one of the more trivial formats to read.

An example deck is below:

Deck list generated by Zorbec's DeckList Builder
  • [General]

EventName===== PlayerName===== DeckTitle=====Durin's Secret Society of Dear Friends EventDate===== Team===== Author=====Kralik Email===== WebSite===== DeckFormat=====Movie PlayerID=====

• Frodo, Master of the Precious


• The One Ring, Such a Weight to Carry


Dunharrow Plateau


King's Tent


Beacon of Minas Tirith


Osgiliath Fallen


City Gates


Minas Tirith First Circle


Osgiliath Crossing


Northern Ithilien


Slag Mounds

Site9=====!7U363 FreePeopleCount=====3 ShadowCount=====3

  • [FreePeople]
1 x • Sméagol, Poor Creature

CardID0=====!6C45 Qty0=====1

1 x • Gimli, Feared Axeman

CardID1=====!7R7 Qty1=====1

1 x • Sam, Son Of Hamfast

CardID2=====!1C311 Qty2=====1

  • [Shadow]
3 x • Gollum, Old Villain

CardID0=====!6C40 Qty0=====3

  • [Notes]

LineCount ===== 0

  • [ScratchPad]


Following standard INI format, general sections are marked by section headers such as [FreePeople], and specific variables followed by their value, such as Qty0=====0. Unique among the various deck formats, *.zdl as a result of its INI nature saves the specific position of each card, so in the example above Smeagol takes the first Free Peoples position, while Gimli takes the second, and so on. For those unfamiliar, the ; indicates a commented line, so those lines are strictly for human readability and are not required by any means.

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