The Two Towers

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The Two Towers
NameThe Two Towers
Release Date2002-11-06
Is Officialyes
PlatformsPaper, LotR-O, GEMP, mLOTRO, Tabletop Simulator, Lackey, gccg

Set Details[edit]

The Two Towers is the second base set of the Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game, and the fourth expansion overall. It was released on November 6, 2002, as the first set of Towers Block. It introduced the Ents, the Riders of Rohan, Dunlendings, Southrons, and Easterlings. Overall, the set had little to no power creep, and was well-produced, making it easier to find sealed product.

Themes and mechanics[edit]

New cultures[edit]

This set introduced three new cultures: Culture Raider.svg Raider, Culture Dunland.svg Dunland, and Culture Rohan.svg Rohan. It was also the first set to contain zero cards from already-established cultures: Culture Moria.svg Moria, Culture Ringwraith.svg Wraith, and Culture Sauron.svg Sauron.

New loaded keywords[edit]

The Two Towers introduced four new loaded keywords:

  • Ambush, which appeared in the Southron subculture of the Raider culture
  • Ring-bound, which retroactively applied to all versions of Frodo and Sam and was used to create the Ring-bound Ranger subculture in Gondor
  • Unbound, which was never written as a keyword on any companions, but meant "not ring-bound"
  • Unhasty, which appeared in this set only on the two versions of Treebeard

New unloaded keywords[edit]

The Two Towers introduced seven new unloaded keywords:

  • Battleground, on sites
  • Easterling, on Raider minions
  • Ent, a new race in the Gandalf culture
  • Machine, on Isengard possessions
  • Southron, on Raider minions
  • Valiant, on Rohan companions
  • Villager, on Rohan allies

Other mechanics[edit]

The Two Towers introduced several other new mechanics:

  • Site control and liberation
  • Culture tokens
  • Subtitles on possessions, artifacts, and conditions
  • Mounts and the term "mounted"
  • A new site path, which completely replaced the Fellowship of the Ring sitepath

Card Comparisons[edit]

Reprinted cards[edit]

  • The One Ring, The Ruling Ring* (previously 1C2)
  • Elven Bow* (previously 1C41)
  • Pathfinder (previously 1C110)
  • Others?

Similar sites[edit]

Because the Two Towers introduced a completely new site path, the set included some sites very similar to sites previously released in the Fellowship of the Ring block in order to enable the same strategies.

  • Eastemnet Downs (punishes large fellowships, similar to East Road)
  • The Riddermark (allows you to play Aragorn from your draw deck, similar to The Prancing Pony)
  • White Mountains (similar game text to Dwarrowdelf Chamber)
  • Hornburg Causeway (similar game text to Anduin Banks)
  • King's Room (similar game text to Silverlode Banks)

Notable Cards[edit]

Starter decks[edit]

Aragorn Starter Deck[edit]

Gondor [Gondor] / Dunland [Dunland]

!Ring-bearer (2 cards)

  • Frodo, Tired Traveller
  • The One Ring, The Ruling Ring

Adventure Deck (9 cards)

  • [!1T] The Riddermark
  • [!2T] Rohirrim Village
  • [!3T] Westemnet Plains
  • [!4T] White Rocks
  • [!5T] Hornburg Courtyard
  • [!6T] Hornburg Armory
  • [!7T] Hornburg Causeway
  • [!8T] Ring of Isengard
  • [!9T] Orthanc Library

Free Peoples (24 cards)

  • Aragorn, Wingfoot x2
  • Gimli, Unbidden Guest x2 (starting)
  • Legolas, Elven Comrade x2 (starting)
  • Merry, Learned Guide x3
  • Pippin, Woolly-footed Rascal x3
  • Hobbit Sword x2
  • Ranger's Sword, Blade of Aragorn x2
  • Best Company x2
  • Severed His Bonds x2
  • Swiftly and Softly x2
  • Valor x2

Shadow (25 cards)

  • Band of Wild Men x3
  • Dunlending Brigand x3
  • Dunlending Madman x3
  • Dunlending Pillager x3
  • Dunlending Robber x3
  • Dunlending Savage x3
  • Iron Axe x3
  • Dark Fury x2
  • Death to the Strawheads x2

Theoden Starter Deck[edit]

Rohan [Rohan] / Isengard [Isengard]

!Ring-bearer (2 cards)

  • Frodo, Tired Traveller
  • The One Ring, The Ruling Ring

Adventure Deck (9 cards)

  • [1T] Horse-country
  • [2T] Uruk Camp
  • [3T] Throne Room
  • [4T] Westemnet Hills
  • [5T] Deep of Helm
  • [6T] Hornburg Armory
  • [7T] King's Room
  • [8T] Wizard's Vale
  • [9T] Palantir Chamber

Free Peoples (24 cards)

  • Eomer, Sister Son of Theoden (starting)
  • Eowyn, Lady of Rohan (starting)
  • Rider of Rohan x3
  • Theoden, Lord of the Mark x2
  • Brego
  • Heavy Chain x 3
  • Herugrim x2
  • Hobbit Sword x2
  • Horse of Rohan x3
  • An Honorable Charge x3
  • Work for the Sword x3

Shadow (25 cards)

  • Uruk Defender x2
  • Uruk Fanatic x3
  • Uruk Rear Guard x2
  • Uruk Regular x2
  • Uruk Stalker x3
  • Uruk-hai Raiding Party x3
  • Orthanc Warrior x3
  • Broad-Bladed Sword x3
  • Ferocity x2
  • Still They Came x2

Gandalf Deluxe Starter Set[edit]

Gandalf [Gandalf] / Shire [Shire] / Raider [Raider]

!Ring-bearer (2 cards)

  • Frodo, Tired Traveller
  • The One Ring, The Ruling Ring

Adventure Deck (9 cards)

  • [1T] Western Emyn Muil
  • [2T] Wold of Rohan
  • [3T] Streets of Edoras
  • [4T] White Rocks
  • [5T] Hornburg Parapet
  • [6T] Hornburg Armory
  • [7T] King's Room
  • [8T] Wizard's Vale
  • [9T] Palantir Chamber

Free Peoples (24 cards)

  • Eomer, Sister-son of Theoden x2
  • Eowyn, Lady of Rohan x2
  • Gandalf, The White Wizard (starting)
  • Gimli, Unbidden Guest
  • Legolas, Elven Comrade
  • Sam, Samwise the Brave
  • Hobbit Sword x2
  • Sword of Rohan x2
  • Have Patience x2
  • Long I Fell x3
  • Severed His Bonds x2
  • Swiftly and Softly x2
  • Under the Living Earth x3

Shadow (25 cards)

  • Desert Soldier x3
  • Desert Spearman x3
  • Easterling Axeman x3
  • Easterling Guard x2
  • Easterling Infantry x2
  • Easterling Lieutenant x3
  • Southron Scout x3
  • Gathering to the Summons x2
  • Men of Rhun x2
  • On the March x2
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