Mines of Moria

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Realms of the Elf-lords

Mines of Moria
NameMines of Moria
Release Date2002-03-06
Is OfficialYes
PlatformsPaper LotR-O GEMP mLOTRO Tabletop Simulator Lackey gccg

Every Fellowship block deck needs a Balrog Contingency Plan

The first expansion of the Lord of the Rings Trading Card game, set 2, Mines of Moria (often abbreviated MOM) introduced a few new strategies and several crucial cards.

Picking up where The Fellowship of the Ring left off, Mines of Moria has a greater focus on the Dwarven and Moria cultures, introducing several unique minions such as Watcher in the Water, Keeper of Westgate (2R73) and two powerful versions of the Balrog, which was foreshadowed in the first set. Additionally, the game introduced Artifacts in the form of Gandalf's Staff (2R22) , Mithril-coat (2R105) , The Balrog's Sword (2R50) , and the Whip of Many Thongs (2R74) .

Mines of Moria introduced a number of cards to counter Nazgul, including: Release the Angry Flood (2R19) , Flaming Brand (2R32) , Not Feared in Sunlight (2U107) , and O Elbereth! Gilthoniel! (2R108) being a few examples. At the same time, Mines of Moria introduced a new Nazgul strategy: Twilight Nazgul such as The Witch-king, Lord of the Nazgul (2R85) .

Notable Cards[edit]

Starter Decks[edit]

Mines of Moria is heralded as being one of the best entry points to new players of the game, as the two starter decks are quite balanced against each other and between the two feature every something from every Phase. Gimli, Dwarf of the Mountain-race (2P121) and Gandalf, The Grey Pilgrim (2P122) were both welcome additions to Fellowship strategies.

Later Bans[edit]

Mines of Moria features a few cards that were X-Listed in future formats:

Both Filibert and O Elbereth were removed from the X-List when a rule change in The Return of the King prevented all Ring-bearer skirmish cancellations. came out and rules regarding cancelling ring-bearer skirmishes changed.

Mines of Moria was one of the most overproduced sets in Lord of the Rings TCG, and, as a result the cards were cheap and easy to come by long after its release (although this has become less true as of 2023).

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