Towers Block

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When LotR TCG began, there was only one format: the cards that existed. With the release of The Two Towers, Decipher split the game into three formats:

While not as popular as Fellowship Block or Movie Block, Towers Block and Towers Standard are still very mainstream formats with solid community support. Similar to the way Fellowship Block players tend to view the changes of Towers, Towers enthusiasts tend to view King Block as a much more substantial departure from the game's beginnings than had come before. However, they view Fellowship block as too confined or predictable with half as many cards in the pool and far fewer than half as many cards worth playing. Decklists for Towers Block can be found at this subforum of the Last Homely House.

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Official Formats Fellowship Block Towers Block King Block War of the Ring Block Hunters Block
Towers Standard
King Standard
Movie Block
War of the Ring Standard
Unofficial Formats French French
Austrian (Movie)
Austrian (Shadows)
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