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Austrian is a fan-made format. In this format, you make your deck either from cards from sets 1-10 (plus 14, 16, and 19), or else you make your deck from cards from sets 7-19. You can choose a different set of sets for each of your Free Peoples and Shadows sides: a Shadow deck made from cards from 1-10+14+16+19 and a Free Peoples deck made with cards from 7-19 would be legal in Austrian. The idea is to allow people to play their Movie Block decks against Standard decks, without allowing all of the combos possible in Expanded.

The format was first created by Olorin on the Last Homely House forums here. It's supported on mLOTRO (which has the most up-to-date version of the format's X-list and R-list), but not on GEMP.



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