War of the Ring Standard

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War of the Ring Standard[edit]

A somewhat obscure format, this format was the first iteration of Standard format that rotation was effective. The concept of rotation was to 'phase out' old sets (in this case, Fellowship Block) and usher in new sets. War of the Ring Standard consists of Towers Block, King Block, and War of the Ring Block. This is the closest official format to Expanded before the release of Hunters, known as Pre-Hunters Expanded.

X-list and R-list[edit]

GEMP gives the following for the X-List of War of the Ring Standard: Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (4R73)LOTR-EN04S073.0 card.jpg, Fortress Never Fallen (4U276)LOTR-EN04S276.0 card.jpg, Get On and Get Away (4R304)LOTR-EN04S304.0 card.jpg, Steadfast Champion (7U49)LOTR-EN07S049.0 card.jpg, Aggression (8C1)LOTR-EN08S001.0 card.jpg, Memories of Darkness (10U2)LOTR-EN10S002.0 card.jpg, Galadriel, Lady Redeemed (10R11)LOTR-EN10S011.0 card.jpg, Mordor Fiend (10C91)LOTR-EN10S091.0 card.jpg, Final Account (11C31)LOTR-EN11S031.0 card.jpg, Strange-looking Men (11R100)LOTR-EN11S100.0 card.jpg, and Orkish Smith (11C132)LOTR-EN11S132.0 card.jpg. There is no R-List.