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Playing a Fellowship Booster Draft[edit]

Product Required[edit]

Each player brings to the draft (from the Fellowship Block):

Each player is given:

Draft Process[edit]

Players assemble randomly into drafting circles (called groups) of roughly equal size. Groups should have an even number of players if possible, and eight players is the best number.

Before drafting of booster packs begins, each player should open their Fellowship Draft Pack and examine its contents. The mix of companions and minions in that pack provide a basis for the drafting of the booster packs.

At a signal, each player opens a booster pack (all players must be drafting from the same set). The player chooses one card from the booster pack, and then passes the remaining cards face down to the player on his left. The opened packs are passed around the drafting group with each player taking one card each before passing until all cards are drafted. Once a player has removed a card from the pack and placed it face down in front of him, that card may not be returned to the pack. Players may not show their card selections or the contents of their current packs to other participants in the draft.

After each player’s first pack is drafted, draft the 2nd booster pack. This time, the direction of drafting is reversed and now proceeds to the right. This process is repeated until all cards in all booster packs are drafted. The first and third packs are drafted clockwise (to each player’s left), and the second pack is drafted counterclockwise (to each player’s right). Players may not review the cards they have drafted or the cards in their draft packs until the drafting procedure is complete and they are building decks.

Draft Deck Construction[edit]

Once drafting is complete, you have 30 minutes to build a tournament deck (including a Ring-bearer and Ring, a draw deck and an adventure deck). Your draw deck must have at least 40 cards and must have an equal number of Shadow cards and Free Peoples cards.

If you do not have at least 20 Shadow or 20 Free Peoples cards, then you must forfeit all games. You may have any number of cards of each card title in your draw deck. You are not limited to four copies of each card title in your draw deck.

If at any time you have no cards in your draw deck, you may reshuffle your discard pile to make a new draw deck. You may only do this once per game.

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