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Towers Standard[edit]

When LotR TCG began, there was only one format: the cards that existed. With the release of The Two Towers, Decipher split the game into three formats:

  • Fellowship Block, allowing cards from Fellowship of the Ring, Mines of Moria, and Realms of the Elf-lords
  • Towers Block, allowing cards from The Two Towers, Battle of Helm's Deep, and Ents of Fangorn
  • Open, allowing cards from all sets, except for Fellowship Block sites

It quickly became apparent that the open format had problems in a competitive environment; in particular, there was a lack of deck diversity at the top level.(( In order to solve this issue, Decipher introduced a new format, Standard, which had the same cardpool as the open format but with an X-List. Towers Standard refers to the Standard Format as it existed immediately before the release of The Return of the King in November 2003.

Ring-bearer skirmishes can be cancelled in Towers Standard, as that rule had not yet been introduced. Decklists can be found at this subforum of the Last Homely House.


The following cards cannot be included in Towers Standard decks. For more details, see X-List.

  • Elrond, Lord of Rivendell
  • Galadriel, Lady of Light
  • Ottar, Man of Laketown
  • No Stranger to the Shadows
  • Savagery to Match Their Numbers
  • Ulaire Nertea, Messenger of Dol Guldur
  • Forces of Mordor
  • Sting
  • Flaming Brand
  • Filibert Bolger, Wily Rascal
  • O Elbereth! Gilthoniel!
  • Aragorn, Heir to the White City
  • Horn of Boromir
  • Saruman, Keeper of Isengard
  • Uruk Regular

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