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Release Date2001-11-06
Is OfficialYes
PlatformsPaper, LotR-O, GEMP, mLOTRO, Tabletop Simulator, Lackey, gccg

Unlike most of the other sets which were designed around specific release events, set 0 is the catch-all for promotional cards and any other miscellany that don't fit anywhere else. Unlike all other sets, it grew over time as more cards were created to release for giveaways, tournament rewards, marketing stunts, or other flashy and collectable events.

Most cards in set 0 are either "preview" or "promotional" cards. Promotional cards were reprints of existing cards that were already part of an existing set, perhaps with a new portrait or other art, which was only differentiated by its means of distribution. Preview cards were simply promotional cards for a set that wasn't released yet.

In contrast, there exist a few runs of cards that were unique to set 0 and were never reprinted anywhere else. These include:

There also exist cards which were never printed, but existed either in a virtual form on the Lord of the Rings Online TCG, or purely as images released on Decipher's website. These include most non-P rarity cards, including:

Due to the varied nature of the distribution, cards from set 0 vary wildly in rarity and cost, and are more difficult than any other set to stick a solid price on. There is no easy way to narrow down the rarity except to investigate each card's history (usually detailed on its Collection tab on the wiki) and check historical price listings.

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