Get On and Get Away (4R304)

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Get On and Get Away (4R304) is a Culture Shire.svg Shire Event from the The Two Towers set.

Collection Info
Title Get On and Get Away
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Notes Lists: ERL
Set 4 - The Two Towers
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 304
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Shire.svg Shire
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Event
Twilight Cost 0
Game Text Fellowship: Add 2 burdens to play the fellowship’s next 2 sites (replacing opponent’s sites if necessary).
Lore “‘The Dead can't be really there! Is it some devilry hatched in the Dark Land?'”
DE - German
Card Name Weitergehen, um weg zu kommen
Game Text Gemeinschaft. Lege 2 Lastmarken auf den Ringträger, um die beiden nächsten Orte deiner Gemeinschaft zu spielen (und nötigenfalls die Ortskarten eines Gegenspielers zu ersetzen).
Lore "Die Toten können doch nicht wirklich da sein! Ist das irgendwie Schurkerei, die im Dunklen Land ausgeheckt wurde?“
ES - Spanish
Card Name Montad Y Marchaos
Game Text Comunidad: Añade 2 cargas para jugar los 2 próximos sitios de la comunidad (reemplazando los del oponente si es necesario).
Lore “¡Los muertos no pueden estar ahí realmente! ¿Pesa algún sortilegio sobre el País Oscuro?”
FR - French
Card Name Continuer et Sortir d'Ici
Game Text Compagnie : Ajoutez 2 points-fardeau pour jouer les deux prochains sites de la compagnie (en remplaçant les sites d’un adversaire si nécessaire).
Lore « “Les morts ne peuvent être réellement là! C'est quelque sorcellerie tramée en Terre Ténébreuse ?” »
IT - Italian
Card Name Avanzare e Andare Via
Game Text Compagnia: Aggiungi 2 segnalini fardello per giocare i prossimi due siti della compagnia (rimpiazzando i siti dell’avversario se necessario).
Lore “‘I Morti non possono essere effettivamente qui! Qualche diavoleria cova forse nell'Oscuro Paese?'”
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN04S304.0
GEMP ID 4_304
LOTRO Hex ID 60 A3 D0 03
LOTRO Image ID 04_304


Get On and Get Away is notable for playing two sites in a row, rather than the more standard one. It is also the only Culture Shire.svg Shire card other than Thror's Map or Pressing On that can manipulate the site path. In Towers Block, this card is particularly useful at site 6, allowing the Free Peoples player to avoid deadly sites like Cavern Entrance and Valley of Saruman. This card can be useful at any site however, although a cost of two burdens is quite high. Cards such as Sam, Son of Hamfast; Narya or Songs of the Blessed Realm would allow the Free Peoples player to shed such burdens quite quickly.

In Reflections, the addition of Alternate Ring-Bearers put this card in a position where it lacks cultural reinforcement; it can be played in any deck (Since previous sets always required Frodo, there was always at least one Culture Shire.svg Shire card this card synergises with). This eventually places it on the R-List of Expanded format, since site manipulation cards have more value post-shadows. In spite of this, Get On and Get Away can still be pulled from deck via Saved from the Fire and recycled via Bilbo, Retired Adventurer; Daddy Twofoot or Fireworks.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Undesirable sites

Weak Versus...[edit]

  • Corruption

See Also[edit]

  • This card requires no [shire] presence to play.