Elven Bow (4U62)

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Elven Bow (4U62) is a Culture Elven.svg Elven Possession from the The Two Towers set.

Collection Info
Title Elven Bow
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Notes Version: *.
Set 4 - The Two Towers
Rarity U - Uncommon
Card Number 62
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Elven.svg Elven
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Possession
Item Class Ranged Weapon
Twilight Cost 1
Game Text Bearer must be an Elf.

Bearer is an archer.

Lore No finer bows could defend Helm's Deep than those of the Golden Wood.
DE - German
Card Name Elbenbogen
Game Text Muss auf einen Elben gespielt werden. Der Träger ist nun Bogenschütze.
Lore Es gab keine besseren Bögen, als die des Goldenen Waldes, um Helms Klamm zu verteidigen.
ES - Spanish
Card Name Arco Élfico
Game Text El portador debe ser un Elfo. El portador es arquero.
Lore Ningún arco podría ser mejor para defender el Abismo de Helm que los del Bosque Dorado.
FR - French
Card Name Arc Elfique
Game Text Le détenteur doit être un Elfe. Le détenteur est un archer.
Lore Pour la défense du Gouffre de Helm, il était impossible de trouver meilleurs arcs que ceux du Bois Doré.
IT - Italian
Card Name Arco Elfico
Game Text Il possessore deve essere un Elfo. Il possessore è un arciere.
Lore Non c'era nessun arco che potesse difendere il Fosso di Helm migliore di quelli provenienti dal Bosco d'Oro.
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN04S062.0
GEMP ID 4_62
LOTRO Hex ID 6E 93 D0 03
LOTRO Image ID 04_062

Equivalent for all intents and purposes to Elven Bow (1C41) , from The Fellowship of the Ring block, with the exception of the Uncommon rarity (as opposed to Common). Please see that page for strategy and clarification.

Alternate Versions[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Elven Bow (1C41) Bearer must be an Elf.

Bearer is an archer.

Elven Bow (15C13) Bearer must be an Elf.

Bearer is an archer.​