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Tentacle Keyword[edit]


Tentacle is an Unloaded Keyword that appears only on 4 minions - Foul Tentacle and Huge Tentacle from the Mines of Moria set, and Reaching Tentacle and Strong Tentacle from the Ages End set. The keyword was used to fit in with the Watcher theme, as both versions of the Watcher in the Water (Keeper of Westgate and Many-Tentacled Creature) have text that affects tentacles. No other cards relate to tentacles by name, although Evil-Smelling Fens fits snugly into the strategy because of the tentacles' dependency on marshes. The 4 types of Tentacle, as well as both versions of the Watcher in the Water, are also the only minions with the race of Creature.


List of Cards with the Tentacle Keyword[edit]

List of Cards that interact with the Tentacle Keyword[edit]

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