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Eagles are a proud race of giant birds, and don't you dare suggest the Fellowship ride them to Mount Doom.

Decipher depicted eagles on various cards, including Gwaihir, The Windlord (17R20) , but as that was a Follower it did not actually bear the race of Eagle.

The Hobbit Draft Game included Eagles, and the Player's Council included their own version of Gwaihir, Lord of Eagles (V1_15) in Shadow of the Past, the first PC V-set.

List of Cards with the Eagle Race[edit]

Portrait Card Name Culture Card Type Game Text
Gwaihir, Lord of Eagles (V1_15) Gandalf Ally • Home 4 • Eagle To play, spot Gandalf.

Each time the fellowship moves to an opponent's site, you may heal a companion with the Gandalf signet.

Regroup: Discard Gwaihir to make the move limit for this turn +1; the Shadow player may take up to 2 Shadow cards into hand from their discard pile. ​

List of Cards that Interact with the Eagle Race[edit]

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