Moria Archery

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Moria Archery is a variant of the usual Moria swarm deck. It still uses the core Moria card draw, Twilight generation, and recursion tools, like Goblin Scimitar (1C180) , Goblin Runner (1U178) , Goblin Armory (1R173) , Goblin Scavengers (1C179) , Relics of Moria (1R195) , They Are Coming (1C196) , Host of Thousands (1C187) , and Goblin Swarms (1R183) . However, instead of the usual cheap efficient skirmishers, it uses cheap efficient Moria Archer minions, like Goblin Bowman (2C60) , Goblin Marksman (1C176) , Archer Commander (2R49) , and Moria Archer Troop (2U67) . (Goblin Archer (1R172) is rarely used due to its high cost and low efficiency.)

This deck is mainly used in Fellowship Block. Compared to standard Moria swarm, this deck is relatively stronger against Fellowships that skirmish well, but relatively weaker against choke. It cycles well, although not as well as typical Moria swarm due to higher minion costs. It's also no stronger against large Fellowships than typical Moria swarm. It has never been considered a top tier deck in any format.

Game Setup Starting FellowshipBiddingMulligan
Deck Building Considerations UniquenessX-ListR-ListErrataFormat
General Strategies BeatdownBombCorruptionHand ExtensionRun/StopSkirmish CancellationSwarmWin ConditionWound PreventionWounding
Deck Archetypes Auto-Corruption BombBeasterlingsBerserkersBouncing HobbitsElventsForestgulsHobbit HospitalFruit LoopsGondor KnightsGondor RangersGondor WraithsMoria ArcheryMoria BeatdownMoria NavyMoria SwarmMoria TentaclesNazgul BeatdownNinja GollumOrc CorruptionRainbow WoundingSauron GrindSauron InitiativeSauron RoamingSauron ThreatsSolo SmeagolSouthron ArcherySouthron InitiativeStupid SwarmSuper FriendsTelepathyThreatgulsToken TanksTroll SwarmUruk ArcheryUruk MachinesUruk TrackersWarg Super Swarm
Rules Rule of 4Rule of 9
Mechanics BearDiscardDraw DeckExertExhaustedFellowshipInitiativeIn Play/Leave PlayMove LimitReconcileRoamingSite ControlSpotStackSupport AreaThreats
Gameplay Terms BoatBodyBroken/NPE/OPBuff/NerfChokeComboCultural EnforcementCyclingDead DrawFetchFilterFloodGrindHand ClogHateInteractionItemLoopMatchupMetaMillNewbie TrapPilePower CreepPumpRainbowRecursionRemovalResourceRogueRule of 6SideSite ManipulationSpeed BumpSplashSubcultureTankOther Terms