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From the Comprehensive Rules 4.0:

Sometimes you may exert a character by placing a wound on that card to show that the character takes an action that depletes his vitality. If the cost of an action requires a character to exert X times, then that character must have X+1 or more vitality or that action cannot be performed.

Exerting a character is different from wounding a character, even though both require placement of a wound token. Cards that prevent wounds cannot prevent a wound token placed by exerting.

Conceptually, wearing armor protects you from a sword strike (taking a wound token), but it won’t help you lift a heavy weight (placing an exertion token).

See also exhausted, for each, healing.

General At Random Can/Cannot Cost Effect May Limit Pass Prevent Spot Up To
Triggers At the Start Each Time When While
Phase Actions Assign Cancel Special Ability Response
Character Actions Corrupt Exert Exhaust Heal Kill Overwhelm Participate Wound
Site Actions At a Site Control Liberate Replace
Card Actions Draw Discard Play Reveal Reconcile Shuffle Stack Transfer