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A bomb is an informal game term for a strategy—invariably a Shadow deck strategy—that patiently builds up the perfect hand and support area before "going off" and winning the game all at once. Such decks usually use a some sort of combo to ensure they get the most value possible out of that one perfect turn.

Some example bomb strategies:

  • Overrunning the Free Peoples player with a swarm of many minions, or perhaps a larger-than-usual number of very strong minions. Generally, swarm decks are only called "bomb" decks if they somehow play many more minions in a single turn than is normally possible.
  • Decks that corrupt the Ring-bearer with many burdens all at once. For example, playing multiple copies of Lost to the Goblins (1R189)LOTR-EN01S189.0 card.jpg in one turn, after you've filtered out almost all of the Free Peoples cards out of your deck.
  • Little Snuffler (13U52)LOTR-EN13S052.0 card.jpg decks that kill the Ring-bearer in region 1 in the Shadow Phase. This is weak variant of the Ninja Gollum deck.

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