Site Manipulation

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Site Manipulation is an informal game term. It refers to the replacement and playing of your preferred sites, and applies best in post-Shadows formats, due to the great amount of freedom in the site path. A classic example of site manipulation would be using Úlairë Nelya, Third of the Nine Riders (11S222) to play Buckland Homestead (11S230) and attack an opponent's conditions, or Pathfinder (1C110) being used in Fellowship Block to avoid Anduin Confluence (1U353) at site 7. Site manipulation is sometimes seen as NPE when cards like One Good Turn Deserves Another (11U49) and There’s Another Way (12C40) completely control the sitepath, preventing you from playing your sites. Another hated experience would be Traveled Leader (12C34) playing Caras Galadhon (3U115) when you have a perfect swarm played. Either way, site manipulation is a powerful mechanic.

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