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Splashing is an informal game term. To "splash" a card is to run a card from outside the main culture(s) or strategy of your deck. Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul (1U231) is one of the most famous splash minions. You can run it in almost any deck, as it doesn't require any other Wraith culture cards to work. Gollum and Gandalf cultures are often called "splash" cultures, as many decks run companions or minions from those cultures to supplement a different culture's weaknesses.

Example decklists[edit]

  • Pokemon Trainer Gollum, by dmaz on the Last Homely House forums. It's a Shadow deck made almost entirely of splash minions, and has many of the most popular splash minions of Movie Block.
  • Ultimate Madril, by sgtdraino on the Last Homely House forums. Like the deck above, this is a good rundown of some of the best splash minions in Expanded.

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