Solo Smeagol

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Solo Sméagol is a Free Peoples deck strategy featuring Sméagol, Bearer of Great Secrets (9R+30) . For part or all of the site path, Sméagol runs by himself as fast as he can, using his Regroup Phase ability to discard minions whenever he can afford to.

Because Sméagol kills one unbound companion per turn, you need to figure out how you're going to protect him. In Expanded, you can use the Ent horde start, either the eight-companion version or the smaller version with Faramir, Ithilien Ranger (6P121) , so as to have a competent companion that Sméagol won't strangle. (The version with eight starting companions is generally considered the strongest.) Alternately, you can run Sméagol fully solo -- certainly the weakest variation of this deck -- or run him with Ring-bound companions like Bilbo, Sam, Frodo, Frenzied Fighter (13R149) , and/or the Gondor Ring-bound Rangers from The Two Towers. That's it, that's an exhaustive list of the companions Sméagol won't murder. If you're feeling adventurous, Radagast, The Brown (9R+26) to triple without the cycling capability is a fun inclusion as well.

The Smeagol Ents variation can be fairly effective in Expanded. Any other variation is probably a just-for-fun deck.

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