Goblin Armory (1R173)

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Goblin Armory (1R173) is a Culture Moria.svg Moria Condition from the Fellowship of the Ring set.

Collection Info
Title Goblin Armory
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Set 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 173
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Moria.svg Moria
Side Shadow
Card Type Condition
Twilight Cost 0
Game Text Each time you play a Culture Moria.svg weapon, add Twilight 1.svg.

Response: If a Culture Moria.svg Orc is about to take a wound, discard this condition to prevent that wound.

Lore For scavenging vermin, the weapons of fallen foes are prized possessions.
DE - German
Card Name Goblin Rüstkammer
Game Text Spiele diese Karte in deinen Unterstützungs-bereich. Jedesmal, wenn du eine Culture Moria.svg Waffe spielst, erhöhe den Einfluss um Twilight 1.svg. Reaktion: Wenn ein Culture Moria.svg Ork verwundet wird, kannst du diesen Effekt ablegen, um die Verwundung zu verhindern.
Lore Für plünderndes Ungeziefer sind die Waffen und Pfeile getöteter Feinde wertvolle Besitztümer.
ES - Spanish
Card Name Armería Goblin
Game Text Cada vez que juegues un arma Culture Moria.svg, añade Twilight 1.svg.

Respuesta: Si un Orco Culture Moria.svg esta a punto de recibir una herida, descarta esta condición para prevenir esa herida.

Lore Para las alimañas, las armas y las flechas de los enemigos caídos son posesiones muy preciadas.
FR - French
Card Name Armurerie Gobeline
Game Text Chaque fois que vous jouez une arme Culture Moria.svg, ajoutez Twilight 1.svg. Réponse : Si un Orque Culture Moria.svg est sur le point de prendre une blessure, défaussez cette situation pour empêcher cette blessure.
Lore Pour les charognards, les armes des ennemis tombés sont des biens prisés.
IT - Italian
Card Name Armeria Goblin
Game Text Ogni volta che giochi un’arma Culture Moria.svg, aggiungi.

Risposta: Se un Orco Culture Moria.svg è prossimo ad essere ferito, scarta questa condizione per impedire quella ferita.

Lore Per i parassiti che cercano nei rifiuti, le armi dei nemici caduti sono beni preziosi.
PL - Polish
PT - Portuguese
ZH - Chinese

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN01S173.0
GEMP ID 1_173
LOTRO Image ID 01_173


Goblin Armory is the probably the most potent and most iconic card of the [Moria] culture. With the ability to add twilight whenever a weapon is played (Which stacks with each copy) this card is a powerful tool in swarm decks; with 4 copies, each Goblin Scimitar adds 4 twilight and draws a card, easily allowing you to play even more minions or just use the extra cards with They Are Coming for more minions. Relics of Moria, which costs twilight to use, will end up making twilight with 3 or more Armories in play. Goblin Scavengers are also great value because they play a weapon from discard, making more twilight.

It was most likely the advent of this card that resulted in most players packing heavy condition discard in their decks. If you don't have a counter to this card in your deck, expect to be hit very hard and try to aim for a shadow win, as most fellowships fall quickly if they are not able to deal with this card.

In addition to its twilight adding potential, this card can also be discarded to prevent wounds, in a pinch. It's inadvisable to do this except when absolutely necessary, as, once discarded, it's impossible to get this card back in Fellowship Block. When you are trying to swarm Frodo (Particularly at site 9, when you no longer need the twilight) and your opponent perhaps uses PATHS would be the best time to trigger this.

Note that in Movie Block, Host of Moria, LoTU can play this card from your discard pile, making it even more effective.

An alternate strategy with this card is use it with Moria Axe rather than Goblin Scimitar in a Moria Beatdown deck. Moria Axe is one of the most powerful pre-shadows weapons ever released, and adding twilight with it allows you to play more large minions. You could also use scimitars, but with the purpose of playing the Cave Troll of Moria, SotBP rather than swarming. Bear in mind that Cave Troll's Hammer, The Balrog's Sword and Whip of Many Thongs also trigger this card.

If you're playing against this card, common counters are Secret Sentinels, Sleep Caradhras (Or Deep in Thought), Betrayal of Isengard, Song of Durin and Bilbo Baggins, Well-Spoken Gentlehobbit. Use Song of Durin as soon as possible, otherwise it may be discarded by Goblin Warrior.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Choke decks, as this card generates its own twilight
  • The Gondor culture, which lacks condition discard
  • Decks that neglect Frodo protection, making it easier to swarm and kill him
  • Free Peoples wounding, such as Legolas, Greenleaf or Power According to His Stature

Weak Versus...[edit]

  • Large Fellowships (Twilight can be unnecessary)
  • Condition discard (Is an essential [moria] condition, and cannot be replayed in Fellowship Block)
  • Hobbit Decks, which usually have a large number of Frodo protection cards that make it difficult to swarm effectively (Bounder, Hobbit Intuition, A Promise, Filibert Bolger)