Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit (12R119)

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Bilbo, Melancholy Hobbit (12R119) is a Culture Shire.svg Shire Companion from the Black Rider set.

Collection Info
Title Bilbo
Subtitle Melancholy Hobbit
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 12 - Black Rider
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 119
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Shire.svg Shire
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Companion
Race Hobbit
Twilight Cost 2
Strength 3
Vitality 4
Resistance 8
Game Text Ring-bound.

At the start of each skirmish involving Bilbo, you may exert him to take a Culture Shire.svg skirmish event into hand from your discard pile.

Lore “‘I want to see the wild country again before I die, and the Mountains....'”
DE - German

Game Text Ring-verbunden.

Zu Beginn jedes Kampfes, an dem Bilbo beteiligt ist, darfst du ihn anstrengen, um ein Culture Shire.svg Kampfereignis aus deinem Ablagestapel auf deine Hand zu nehmen.

Lore "Ich möchte gern wieder das wüste Land sehen, ehe ich sterbe, und das Gebirge....“
FR - French
IT - Italian

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN12S119.0
GEMP ID 12_119
LOTRO Hex ID 67 B7 71 0B
LOTRO Image ID 12_119


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Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
LOTR-EN01S284.0 portrait.jpg
Bilbo, Retired Adventurer (1R284)LOTR-EN01S284.0 card.jpg Fellowship: Exert Bilbo to shuffle a Culture Shire.svg card from your discard pile into your draw deck.
LOTR-EN02S096.0 portrait.jpg
Bilbo, Well-spoken Gentlehobbit (2U96)LOTR-EN02S096.0 card.jpg Fellowship: Exert Bilbo and discard a tale to discard a Shadow condition from an opponent’s support area.
LOTR-EN09F049.0 portrait.jpg
Bilbo, Bearer of Things Burgled (9R+49)LOTR-EN09S049.0 card.jpg Ring-bound.

Each time the fellowship moves, if the twilight pool has 2 or fewer twilight tokens, add 2 burdens or add Twilight 3.svg.

Regroup: Add a burden to play a Culture Shire.svg tale.

LOTR-EN13S142.0 portrait.jpg
Bilbo, Aged Ring-bearer (13R142)LOTR-EN13S142.0 card.jpg Ring-bound.

While Bilbo is not assigned to a skirmish, each Ring-bound Hobbit is strength +1.

At the start of each skirmish involving Bilbo, you may remove a burden for each other Ring-bound Hobbit you can spot.

Bilbo, Expert Burglar (30S43)HDG-EN30S043.0 card.jpg Burglar. Each time Bilbo wins a skirmish, you may draw 3 cards and then discard 2 cards from hand. Skirmish: Add 2 doubts to cancel a skirmish involving Gollum.
Bilbo, Collector of Treasures (30S44)HDG-EN30S044.0 card.jpg Burglar. While skirmishing Gollum, Bilbo is strength +2. Each time Bilbo wins a skirmish, you may take a Free Peoples artifact into hand from your draw deck.
Bilbo, Master in Riddles (30S45)HDG-EN30S045.0 card.jpg Burglar. Each time Bilbo wins a skimirsh, you may draw 3 cards. Skirmish: Discard 2 cards from hand to make Gollum strength -2 (limit -4).
Bilbo, Reliable Companion (30S46)HDG-EN30S046.0 card.jpg Burglar. Bilbo cannot be overwhelmed by Gollum unless his strength is tripled. Response : If Bilbo wins a skirmish, reconcile your hand (limit once per turn).
LOTR-ENV1S050.0 portrait.jpg
Bilbo, Of Bag End (V1_50)LOTR-ENV1S050.0 card.jpg To play, spot 2 companions with the Frodo signet.

Fellowship: If the fellowship is at a sanctuary, exert Bilbo twice to play 2 items from your draw deck on Culture Shire.svg companions.​

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