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Gimli's Battle Axe (1R14) is a Dwarven Possession from the Fellowship of the Ring set.

Collection Info
Title Gimli's Battle Axe
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 14
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Dwarven
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Possession
Item Class Hand Weapon
Twilight Cost 2
Strength +2
Game Text Bearer must be Gimli.

He is damage +1.

Each time Gimli wins a skirmish, you may wound an Orc.

Lore “Beside them Gimli stood with his stout legs apart, wielding his dwarf-axe.”
DE - German
Card Name Gimlis Streitaxt
Game Text Muss auf Gimli gespielt werden. Gimli erhält Schaden +1.

Jedesmal, wenn Gimli einen Kampf gewinnt, darfst du einen Ork verwunden.

Lore Neben ihnen stand Gimli breitbeinig da und schwang seine Zwergenaxt.
ES - Spanish
Card Name Hacha de Batalla de Gimli
Game Text El portador debe ser Gimli. Él es Daño +1.

Cada vez que Gimli gana una escaramuza, puedes herir un Orco.

Lore “Gimli estaba de pie junto a ellos, las piernas separadas, esgrimiendo su hacha de enano.”
FR - French
Card Name Hache de Bataille de Gimli
Game Text Le détenteur doit être Gimli.

Il inflige des dégâts +1.

Chaque fois que Gimli remporte un combat, vous pouvez blesser un Orque.

Lore “À leur côté, Gimli, ses fortes jambes écartées, maniait sa hache de Nain.”
IT - Italian
Card Name Ascia da Battaglia di Gimli
Game Text Il possessore deve essere Gimli. Danno +1.

Ogni volta che Gimli vince una schermaglia, puoi ferire un Orco.

Lore “Lì vicino Gimli roteava la sua ascia di Nano, ben piantato sulle robuste gambe divaricate.”
PL - Polish
PT - Portuguese
ZH - Chinese

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN01S014.0
GEMP ID 1_14
LOTRO Hex ID 4E 24 F4
LOTRO Image ID 01_014


This card is a very useful tool against any Orcs. Although it has a 2 Twilight cost, the special ability, damage bonus, and strength bonus more than make up for it; the additional damage bonus makes him take any vitality 3 minion he defeats out of the road for a safer double move. However, a downside to this card is it can only be played on Gimli.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Goblin Swarm, Orc Wounding
  • Minions with 3 vitality points (or more if you you increase his damage with cards like Lord of Moria, Cleaving Blow or Flurry of Blows)

Weak Versus...[edit]

  • Possession Removal
  • Troop of Uruk-Hai

Alternate Versions[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Gimli's Battle Axe, Trusted Weapon (7R9) Bearer must be a Dwarf.

While you can spot a threat, bearer is damage +1.

While you can spot 2 threats, bearer is strength +1.

While you can spot 3 threats, the fellowship archery total is +1.

Gimli's Battle Axe, Vicious Weapon (11R9) Bearer must be a Dwarf.

Bearer gains muster. (At the start of the regroup phase, you may discard a card from hand to draw a card.)

Skirmish: If bearer is Gimli and he is at a battleground site, exert him to wound a minion he is skirmishing. ​