Direct Wounding

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Direct wounding is both the act of causing wounds directly to characters of your choice. This is contrasted with wounding them by winning skirmishes, or using undirected wounding effects like archery where your opponent gets to choose what gets wounded.

Direct wounding can also refer to a broad strategy of wearing down characters with exertions and wounds rather than killing them in skirmishes.. Free Peoples direct wounding strategies tend to aim to kill minions before they get to the end of their skirmish, while Shadow direct wounding strategies simply seek to apply wounds to wear down and kill companions before the end of the game. Despite the name, these decks often incorporate undirected wounding, just to increase the overall pressure. For example, a high archery total is very effective for finishing off exhausted characters.

Belying the name, direct wounding strategies usually incorporate both exertions and wounds. Except for the purpose of wound prevention, there's rarely any real difference between exerting an enemy character and wounding an enemy character unless that character is exhausted. If you have the option, wounds are better because they can kill characters, of course, and when you have access to both, you'll usually want to apply exertions before wounds so you can secure kills.

Decks focused on direct wounding[edit]

Example direct wounding cards[edit]

Game Setup Starting FellowshipBiddingMulligan
Deck Building Considerations UniquenessX-ListR-ListErrataFormat
General Strategies BeatdownBombCorruptionDirect Wounding/Undirected WoundingHand ExtensionRun/StopSkirmish CancellationSwarmWin ConditionWound Prevention
Deck Archetypes Auto-Corruption BombBeasterlingsBerserkersBouncing HobbitsElventsForestgulsHobbit HospitalFruit LoopsGondor KnightsGondor RangersGondor WraithsMoria ArcheryMoria BeatdownMoria NavyMoria SwarmMoria TentaclesNazgul BeatdownNinja GollumOrc CorruptionRainbow WoundingSauron GrindSauron InitiativeSauron RoamingSauron ThreatsSolo SmeagolSouthron ArcherySouthron InitiativeStupid SwarmSuper FriendsTelepathyThreatgulsToken TanksTroll SwarmUruk ArcheryUruk MachinesUruk TrackersWarg Super Swarm
Rules Rule of 4Rule of 9
Mechanics BearDiscardDraw DeckExertExhaustedFellowshipInitiativeIn Play/Leave PlayMove LimitReconcileRoamingSite ControlSpotStackSupport AreaThreats
Gameplay Terms BoatBodyBroken/NPE/OPBuff/NerfChokeChump BlockingComboCultural EnforcementCyclingDead DrawFatFilterFishbowlFloodGasGlueGrindHand ClogHateInteractionLoopMatchupMetaMillNewbie TrapPilePower CreepPumpRainbowRecursionRemovalResourceRogueRule of 6SideSite ManipulationSplashSubcultureTankFetchValue EngineWhiffOther Terms