Two-Player QuickStart Set

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The Two-Player QuickStart Set was a product released by Decipher in mid 2003 which intended to streamline the process of learning the game even further from what the Starter Decks did. The package included enough cards for two players to learn, and also included the QuickStart Tutorial CD-ROM which had software for learning the game and managing one's collection. This software was produced by World's Apart as a prototype for the Lord of the Rings Online TCG platform, which was publicly released half a year later[1].


  • 2 60-card decks featuring Gandalf and Theoden
    • These were the Theoden Starter Deck and the Gandalf Deluxe Starter Deck from The Two Towers set, albeit without any random rares (or the box + starter rulebook).
  • 1 booster pack (from The Two Towers, unlisted on the package itself)
  • QuickStart Tutorial CD-ROM, which included the following:
    • Basic and advanced tutorials
    • Basic computer-controlled opponents for practicing
    • Deckbuilding and collection software
  • The QuickStart Tutorial Rulebook, which was the Comprehensive Rules 1.0
  • Two-player unfoldable playmat

Unboxing Videos[edit]


Front of the box
Back of the box
Contents of the box (the playmat is folded and the booster and CD are only barely in frame)
The included QuickStart Tutorial CD-ROM
The included 2-player playmat (click through for full resolution)