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In 2002 as part of the marketing ramp-up to the release of The Two Towers, Decipher partnered with Scrye Magazine to produce a special issue dedicated to the LotR-TCG, which was released October or November 2002 as Scrye Presents: The Lord of the Rings TCG. Styled as a "Player's Guide", the issue is 100 pages and unlike most Scrye issues doesn't discuss games unless they are related to Lord of the Rings. Games discussed were not restricted to the LotR-TCG specifically, as Decipher also ran the Lord of the Rings Official Fan Club via their acquisition of FANtastic Media, but the TCG remains the bulk of the subject matter.

For the first 30 pages or so, the issue contains overviews of the game, decklists and strategy articles, and design musings from the game's designers. After that point, there is a text-only spoiler of every card from The Two Towers, and then a visual index of every card released in Fellowship Block, which take up the bulk of the remaining 70 pages. At the end there is a checklist of every card in sets 1 through 4, with pricing information where available.

The issue can be downloaded from the PC's fileshare or from The link also includes an in-browser viewer, if you would prefer not to download it. The PDF is about 115 MB.

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