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Mines of Moria

The Fellowship of the Ring was primarily distributed in 4 different products:

Foil cards were distributed randomly in booster packs, and were also distributed as Tournament Prize Support. Tengwar cards were distributed in The Fellowship of the Ring Anthology.

Starter Decks[edit]

FOTR Starter Display Box as shown on Decipher's website.

There are two different standard Starter Deck products: the FOTR Aragorn Starter Deck featuring Aragorn, and the FOTR Gandalf Starter Deck featuring Gandalf[1]. You'll see a picture of Aragorn or Gandalf on the front of the corresponding tuck box.

Each starter deck has a fixed component of 60 cards, including:

Starter decks for Mines of Moria were printed in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and Chinese, which is more than any other set. Non-foil versions of these Premium cards were not distributed through Booster Packs, except for the Foil versions which could be randomly inserted as an Common.

English starter decks had a second Print Run made once the initial product sold out just 2 months after release; this resulted in some cards being given an A Revision and others a second printing which lacked a First Edition print mark[2]. Besides the starter deck cards themselves, this means that all Rare cards from set 1 were also part of this print run and thus have a second edition.

Individual Starter Decks retailed for $10.99. The Starter Deck Display box came with 6 of each starter deck for a total of 12 starter decks, and would retail for $131.88 (i.e. exactly 12 times as much as a starter). Starter deck boxes themselves came in cases of 6 per case.

Deluxe Starter Sets[edit]

FOTR Deluxe Starter Sets

While Starter Decks were introduced to both act as a low-cost trial product and a reliable source of rares, the Deluxe Starter Sets acted as an all-in-one entry point that would provide not only the various tokens that gameplay would require, but also an introduction into Booster Packs, which were the primary way of finding new cards. The storage box shouldn't be overlooked either, and as it came in 3 different varieties, there was still a reason for the diehard collector to purchase more than one. Notably, the Deluxe set came with neither of the Premium cards that were included in the two basic Starter Decks.


  • 60 Fixed Cards
  • 3 Random Rare Cards
  • 11 Card Booster Pack
  • Starter Rulebook
  • Collector's Card List
  • Collectible Storage Box (1 of 3)
  • 6 Coloured Glass Player Markers
  • 25 Black Tokens (used for Twilight Tokens and Burdens)
  • 10 Red Glass Tokens (used for Wounds)

Deluxe Starter Sets retailed for $20.00 USD each at the time of release (November 6th, 2001), and were sold individually.

Booster Packs[edit]

Booster Packs are the primary intended way of collecting cards from a set. Every pack contains 11 cards: 1 Rare, 3 Uncommon, and 7 Common cards.

On average, one in six packs (~17%) will have a diffraction Foil card replacing one of the common cards. The drop rate was rolled once per rarity, meaning that a pack with 1, 2, or 3 foils is possible, as follows:

  • 1 Common foil every 13 packs
  • 1 Uncommon foil every 18 packs
  • 1 Rare foil every 26 packs

Boosters were produced in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, and Chinese.

Individual boosters retailed for $3.29. The Booster Display Box came with 36 packs, and would retail for $118.44 (i.e. exactly 36 times as much as a single booster). Booster boxes themselves came in cases of 12 per case.

Draft Packs[edit]

The Fellowship Draft Pack was a pack of 29 cards which was intended to be used with the new Booster Draft game mode. Draft Packs were broken down as follows[3]:

What was meant by "semi-random" is that unlike booster packs which were designed to be randomized, draft packs would include "runs" of cards from the same culture which could conceivably work together in a deck. As a result, the packs are not particularly good for opening to complete a collection, as the results were more or less filled with Common junk paired with a single Rare and a handful of Premiums

Individual draft packs retailed for $4.50. The Fellowship Draft Pack Display Box came with 12 packs, and would retail for $54 (i.e. exactly 12 times as much as a single pack).


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