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The Fellowship of the Ring was primarily distributed in 3 different products:

Foil cards were distributed randomly in booster packs, and were also distributed as Tournament Prize Support. Tengwar cards were distributed in The Fellowship of the Ring Anthology.

Starter Decks[edit]

FOTR Starter Display Box

There are two different standard Starter Deck products: the FOTR Aragorn Starter Deck featuring Aragorn, and the FOTR Gandalf Starter Deck featuring Gandalf[1]. You'll see a picture of Aragorn or Gandalf on the front of the corresponding tuck box.

Each starter deck has a fixed component of 60 cards, including:

  • 1 Frodo companion card,
  • 1 The One Ring card,
  • 9 site cards,
  • 2 copies of a special premium card as featured on the deck box (Aragorn or Gandalf)
  • 47 mixed common and uncommon cards.

Along with a fixed component (which is made up of different cards for the two different decks), 3 random rare cards are added to each starter. This kept the product useful for new players and veterans alike, as well as being a means of keeping Sealed formats more interesting.

Also included is a Starter Rulebook, which acts as a reference and a guide teaching new players how to play the game. The rules included in the Starter Rulebook are altered from standard play, such as: the site path is shortened to use only 7 Sites, and players flip a coin to choose turn order instead of bidding burdens. For more information on these differences, see Starter_Decks#Starter_Rules_Differences

The Starter Deck Display box comes with six of each starter deck for a total of 12 starter decks. Starter deck boxes themselves came in cases of about 9 per case.

Deluxe Starter Set[edit]

FOTR Deluxe Starters

For the release of the first set of The Lord of the Rings The Fellowship of the Ring and the forth set The Two Towers; in addition to the starters, Deluxe Starter Sets were also released.

Decipher Product Description:

This deluxe starter set is a great way to start your fellowship on its quest to take the One Ring to the despoiled land of Mordor, as seen in the epic cinematic saga, The Fellowship of the Ring.


  • 60 Fixed Cards
  • 3 Random Rare Cards
  • 11 Card Booster Pack
  • Rulebook
  • Collector's Card List
  • Collectible Storage Box (1 of 3)
  • 6 Coloured Glass Player Markers
  • 25 Black and 10 Red Glass Tokens

The The Fellowship of the Ring Deluxe Starter Set includes its own 60-card fixed deck FOTR Deluxe Starter Decklist that features the four Hobbits and Nazgûl from the Ringwraith Shadow culture. This deck also has its own 60-card fixed component (that's three different 60-card fixed decks total). All the cards in this deck are also available in regular booster packs (there are no premium cards in the deluxe starter). The boxes were packaged in a colorful deck storage box (Gandalf, Shire, and Sauron box designs available). They were sold for circa $20.00 USD each at the time of release (November 6th, 2001).

Booster Packs[edit]

FOTR Booster Pack Box
FOTR Booster Pack

Each Booster Pack Box Contains 36 Booster Packs. Each Booster Pack Contains

  • 1 Rare
  • 3 Uncommons
  • 7 Commons

On average, one in six packs will have a foil[2]. card instead of one of the common cards.

These foils are diffraction foils. The foil cards have differing rarities, and they appear approximately as follows:

  • 1 Common foil every 13 packs
  • 1 Uncommon foil every 18 packs
  • 1 Rare foil every 26 packs

Decipher Foil Announcement:

Players can also get these foil cards by playing in sanctioned The Lord of the Rings Trading Card Game tournaments. Every sanctioned tournament will have three foils to give out. A random Rare foil will go to the winner, a random Uncommon foil will go to second place, and a random Common foil will be given out to a random participant. The foils for tournament prizes will be taken from the parallel foil set and are not different from the ones that are in booster packs. Completing the foil set will not be simple, but it will be an attainable goal. Being a tournament player increases your chances of completing a foil set of these cards.


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