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Half-Trolls are a race of troll-men that are briefly mentioned in Lord of the Rings as part of Sauron's armies. In this game, they are two Culture Orc.svg Orc culture minions from Expanded Middle-Earth: Half-troll of Far Harad (14R12)LOTR-EN14S012.0 card.jpg and Horror of Harad (14R13)LOTR-EN14S013.0 card.jpg.

Half-Trolls are a separate race from Trolls in this game. Cards that apply to "trolls" do not also apply to half-trolls.

Unloaded Keywords
Race [Raceless] Balrog Creature Dwarf Elf Ent Half-Troll Hobbit Maia
Man Nazgûl Orc Spider Tree Troll Uruk-hai Wizard Wraith
Site Battleground Dwelling Forest Marsh Mountain Plains River Underground
General Besieger Corsair Easterling Engine Fellowship Fortification Knight Machine Pipeweed
Ranger Ring-bound Search Southron Spell Stealth Tale Tentacle Tracker
Twilight [Unbound] Valiant Villager Weather Warg-rider