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Ring is an Item Class, and thus a Loaded Keyword. All of the rings in this game are Artifacts of a previous age. Characters may only bear one ring at a time.

The One Ring, despite its name, is a special card type and is not considered a ring. Cards that affect rings in general do not affect the One Ring, and the Ring-bearer may also bear a ring artifact.

Rings were first introduced in Realms of the Elf-Lords, where they were as useful for their +1 vitality for Elrond, Galadriel, or Gandalf as for their game text. Ring of Barahir (6R55)LOTR-EN06S055.0 card.jpg, in Ents of Fangorn, sees some occasional play as a healing tool in decks the use Culture Tokens and Aragorn, especially decks using Aragorn, Defender of Free Peoples (6R50)LOTR-EN06S050.0 card.jpg or Noble Leaders (7R112)LOTR-EN07S112.0 card.jpg, or Knight decks using Garrison of Osgiliath (6C52)LOTR-EN06S052.0 card.jpg.

The bulk of the rings were released in Reflections, and almost all of them are popular staples. Culture Dwarven.svg Dwarven decks always liked stacking many cards on relatively few companions, and both rings and Durin III, Dwarven Lord (9R+3)LOTR-EN09S003.0 card.jpg are suited to that strategy. Gimli, Bearer of Grudges (9R+4)LOTR-EN09S004.0 card.jpg appreciates Damage bonuses, especially from Ring of Fury (9R+7)LOTR-EN09S007.0 card.jpg. Galadriel, Bearer of Wisdom (9R+14)LOTR-EN09S014.0 card.jpg benefits from spotting Culture Elven.svg Elven artifacts. Both she and Mount Doom's Galadriel, Lady Redeemed (10R11)LOTR-EN10S011.0 card.jpg are both ubiquitous in formats where they're available, making either version of Nenya much easier to play. The Culture Ringwraith.svg Wraith rings (except for Ring of Ire (9R+43)LOTR-EN09S043.0 card.jpg, which is too often a dead draw) are all popular as cheap ways to recur Nazgul. Reflections also introduced The One Ring, The Binding Ring (9R+1)LOTR-EN09S001.0 card.jpg, which can download Free Peoples rings, albeit at a high cost.

Rings didn't appear again until Rise of Saruman. The three rings from that set are all similar to previous ones from Reflections. Ring of Artifice (17R4)LOTR-EN17S004.0 card.jpg can become very strong in Culture Dwarven.svg Dwarven self-mill decks or decks with multiple copies of the other Culture Dwarven.svg Dwarven rings. Ring of Savagery (17R142)LOTR-EN17S142.0 card.jpg and Ring of Terror (17R143)LOTR-EN17S143.0 card.jpg serve largely the same role as the previous Culture Ringwraith.svg Wraith rings.

The only card that affect rings in particular is The One Ring, The Binding Ring (9R+1)LOTR-EN09S001.0 card.jpg.

List of all Rings[edit]


The names of the Culture Dwarven.svg Dwarven rings were invented by Decipher.





The names of the Culture Ringwraith.svg Wraith rings, like the names of most of the Nazgul themselves, were invented by Decipher.

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