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Cloaks are an item class, and therefore a loaded keyword. Cloaks are possessions, generally with a mild effect representing camouflage or shelter from the elements. The keyword only appears on five cards, and no cards mention cloaks by name.

List of Cards with the Cloak Item Class[edit]

Portrait Card Name Culture Card Type Game Text
Elven Cloak (1C42) Elven Possession • Cloak To play, spot an Elf. Bearer must be a companion.

The minion archery total is -1.

Boromir's Cloak (1U98) Gondor Possession • Cloak Bearer must be Boromir.

Maneuver: Exert Boromir to discard a weather condition.

Faramir's Cloak (4R119) Gondor Possession • Cloak Bearer must be Faramir.

Each roaming minion skirmishing a Ring-bound Man is strength -1.

Ranger’s Cloak (15C68) Gondor Possession • Cloak Bearer must be a Man.

While bearer is a ranger or at a forest site, each minion skirmishing bearer is site number +2.

Skirmish: Add a threat or exert bearer to make a minion skirmishing a Man site number +2.

Frodo's Cloak (4R303) Shire Possession • Cloak Bearer must be Frodo.

Skirmish: At sites 1 to 4, add a burden and discard this possession to cancel a skirmish involving Frodo. At any other site, discard this possession to remove a burden and heal Frodo. ​

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