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Treachery & Deceit
NameTreachery & Deceit
Release Date2007-05-01
Is Officialyes
PlatformsPaper LotR-O GEMP mLOTRO Tabletop Simulator Lackey gccg

Treachery & Deceit is the second expansion set in the Hunters Block and the eighteenth set overall. It was released on May 1, 2007, ten months later than originally planned.[1] The set was rushed to print before Decipher lost its licence for the game, leading to a lack of playtesting and a very high power level. Twelve cards from the set received official errata, the highest number for a set of its size. Famously, the errata for Frenzy of Arrows (18U79) made it unplayable, since it now references Orc archers, none of which were ever printed.

The set contained 140 cards (40 commons, 40 uncommons, and 60 rares). Like in the previous two sets, none of the cards had Tengwar versions produced. Eighteen rares had a foil Legends version with rarity symbol RF and nine rares had an alternate-frame foil Legends Masterworks version printed with a ring used as the rarity symbol (usually represented by an O in text).

Themes and Mechanics[edit]

Treachery & Deceit continued many of the themes of the previous two sets, including the focus on the hunter keyword, site control, and pipeweed.


Treachery & Deceit continued with the same set of cultures as The Hunters and Rise of Saruman, with a focus on Gollum and relatively few cards in the Dwarven and Wraith cultures. It did not feature any cameos from the Movie-era shadow cultures.

Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men's Ally (18U75) is the only Hobbit every printed outside of Shire. Most cards in the game were templated with the assumption that Hobbits were always Free Peoples cards, which means many cards interact strangely with Ted Sandyman, Chief's Men's Ally (18U75) , including Little Golden Flower (15R148) and Fool of a Took! (1R170) .

The set printed more unique minions and possessions in different cultures than their original appearance, including:

Like Bloodlines, Treachery & Deceit also added some characters from the past, such as Gil-galad, High King of the Noldor (18R12) and Isildur, Sword-bearer (18R54) , and characters that did not appear in the movies, such as Glorfindel, Eldarin Lord (18R13) and Fredegar Bolger, Fatty (18R107) .

Starter Decks[edit]

No starter decks were released for Treachery & Deceit. It is the only expansion set without starters.


Treachery & Deceit does not contain any cycles.

Reprinted Cards[edit]

Treachery & Deceit does not contain any reprinted cards, although two cards appear to be reprints:

Similar Sites[edit]

With the introduction of the redesigned site path in Shadows, Decipher began reprinting a number of sites from previous sets with modifications to fit the new site path. Treachery & Deceit had one site of this type: Steward's Tomb (18U139) (previously 10U119). If this version of the site was played at site 3 or 6, it would gain the sanctuary keyword, but its printed game text would prevent the sanctuary healing from actually happening. This made the new version much more powerful than the original, especially when combined with site manipulation to ensure the site was only active for one player.

Notable Cards[edit]

Cards with Official Errata[edit]

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  1. Based on the Oversized promotional card The One Ring (4M1) .