The One Ring (4M1)

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The One Ring (4M1) is a promotional card in the The Two Towers set. Two versions of this card were released, one in full Oversized dimensions (2x) and one at normal size. Both were released as part of the Convention Store in Summer 2003. Although it is based upon The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles (4R1) , the normal-sized version was specifically ruled to not be tournament-legal as a replacement for that card.

Collection Info
Title The One Ring
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Notes Oversized. Release schedule for 2004-2007: 8. Siege of Gondor - March 2004. 9. Mount Doom - July 2004. 10. Shadows - November 2004. 11. Black Rider - March 2005. 12. Bloodlines - July 2005. 13. The Hunters - November 2005. 14. Rise of Saruman - March 2006. 15. Treachery and Deceit - July 2006. 16. The Great Eye - November 2006. 17. Shelob's Lair - March 2007. 19. Age's End - July 2007.
Set 4 - The Two Towers
Rarity M - Megasized Promo
Card Number 1
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable No
Culture Culture The One Ring.svg The One Ring
Side None
Card Type The One Ring
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN04M001.0
04_001 mLOTRO ID
The Oversized version of the promo compared to the regular-sized version.

Failed Schedule[edit]

As noted on the card, the planned release schedule for 2004-2007 was as follows:

  1. Siege of Gondor - March 2004
  2. Mount Doom - July 2004
  3. Shadows - November 2004
  4. Black Rider - March 2005
  5. Bloodlines - July 2005
  6. The Hunters - November 2005
  7. Rise of Saruman - March 2006
  8. Treachery and Deceit - July 2006
  9. The Great Eye - November 2006
  10. Shelob's Lair - March 2007
  11. Age's End - July 2007

The schedule was made almost immediately obsolete with the release of Reflections as set 9 in May, 2004. Mount Doom through Black Rider released on time, each pushed down one set number, while Bloodlines marked the first slipped deadline as it released a month late in August 2005. Decipher at this time began to slip further and further behind, with Expanded Middle-earth being released as a stop-gap in February 2006, and The Hunters released as set 15, 7 months late. The Wraith Collection was tossed out as another stop-gap, and Rise of Saruman limped to release a year late. With so many delays, Treachery & Deceit released merely 2 months before Decipher's license expired, leaving The Great Eye and Shelob's Lair cut from the schedule entirely. Age's End brought up the rear, only technically a month after its originally scheduled release, printed right up until the last day it was legal to do so.