Frenzy of Arrows (18U79)

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Frenzy of Arrows (18U79) is a Culture Orc.svg Orc Event from the Treachery & Deceit set.

Collection Info
Title Frenzy of Arrows
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Notes Game text is an erratum.
Set 18 - Treachery & Deceit
Rarity U - Uncommon
Card Number 79
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Orc.svg Orc
Side Shadow
Card Type Event
Phase Archery
Twilight Cost 2
Game Text Spot an Culture Orc.svg minion to add 2 to the minion archery total. Then add an additional 2 to the minion archery total for each follower you can spot.
Lore The black fletched arrows of Sauron's armies found many targets.
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN18S079.0
GEMP ID 18_79
LOTRO Hex ID 64 8D 2A 11
LOTRO Image ID 18_084


Prior to its erratum, Frenzy of Arrows was a devastating card, able to generate at least 4 archery with Saruman, Servant of Sauron (17R38) , and an additional 2 for every Free Peoples Follower in play. With Followers being popular, this card could easily dispatch Fellowships when combined with Gothmog, Morgul Leader (18R80) (Extra archery) and Isengard Underling (11C125) (To replay the event). The card could also instantly wipe out a deck which is using the Erkenbrand's Horn (18R96) /New Chapter (13U154) combo to play all their followers at site 1.

Post-erratum, Frenzy of Arrows has to spot a Culture Orc.svg Orc Archer in order to be used. Unfortunately, no Culture Orc.svg Orc archers were ever printed. There are also no known methods to make Culture Orc.svg Orc minions into archers, making Frenzy of Arrows the only completely unusable card in the LotR-TCG.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Technically speaking, nothing.
  • Follower decks

Weak Versus...[edit]