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Shoulder to Shoulder (1C59) is a Elven Condition from the Fellowship of the Ring set.

Collection Info
Title Shoulder to Shoulder
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Set 1 - The Fellowship of the Ring
Rarity C - Common
Card Number 59
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Elven
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Condition
Twilight Cost 1
Game Text Maneuver: Add and exert a Dwarf to heal an Elf, or add and exert an Elf to heal a Dwarf.
Lore “‘May it be a sign that though the world is now dark better days are at hand, and that friendship shall be renewed between our peoples.'”
DE - German
Card Name Schulter an Schulter
Game Text Spiele diese Karte in deinen Unterstützungs-bereich. Manöver: Erhöhe den Einfluss um und strenge entweder einen Zwerg an, um einen Elben zu heilen; oder einen Elben, um einen Zwerg zu heilen.
Lore "Möge es, obwohl die Welt jetzt düster ist, ein Zeichen sein, dass bessere Tage bevorstehen und die Freundschaft zwischen unseren Völkern erneuert wird."
ES - Spanish
Card Name Hombro con Hombro
Game Text Maniobra: Añade y esfuerza un Enano para curar un Elfo, o añade y esfuerza un Elfo para curar un Enano.
Lore “Quizá es un anuncio de mejores días, aunque las sombras cubran ahora el mundo, y de una nueva amistad entre nuestros pueblos.”
FR - French
Card Name Épaule Contre Épaule
Game Text Manœuvre : Ajoutez et affaiblissez un Nain pour guérir un Elfe, ou ajoutez et affaiblissez un Elfe pour guérir un Nain.
Lore “Puisse cet Événement marquer la proximité de jours meilleurs, en dépit des heures sombres que traverse actuellement le monde, ainsi qu'un renouvellement de l'amitié entre nos deux peuples.”
IT - Italian
Card Name Spalla a Spalla
Game Text Giocala nella tua area di supporto.

Manovra: Aggiungi e sforza un Nano per curare un Elfo, o aggiungi e sforza un Elfo per curare un Nano.

Lore “‘Possa ciò essere un presagio che, malgrado l'odierna oscurità del mondo, giorni migliori ci attendano e che l'amicizia sia rinnovata tra i nostri popoli.'”
PL - Polish
PT - Portuguese
ZH - Chinese

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN01S059.0
GEMP ID 1_59
LOTRO Hex ID 4B 27 F4
LOTRO Image ID 01_059


Shoulder to Shoulder allows the Free Peoples player to redistribute wounds between Dwarfs and Elves and vice versa, for 1 twilight per transfer. This is a deceptively strong way to heal your Fellowship, even though you're simply transferring wounds rather than actually removing them. Don't think of this card as necessarily only working between a dwarf and elf or elf and dwarf: if you've got a wound on an elf (e.g Legolas) that you'd like to have on another elf (e.g. Arwen), simply exert the dwarf to heal Legolas, then exert Arwen to heal the dwarf. It costs twice as much twilight, but it works. Don't think of this as a card where you need a deck split evenly between Dwarven and Elven cultures, either: all you need is one elf and one dwarf! You can splash Gimli, Bearer of Grudges (9R+4) or even Thrarin, Dwarven Smith (1U27) into an Elven deck, or Elrond, Herald to Gil-galad (3R13) into a Dwarven deck.

Shoulder to Shoulder is a strong way to enable characters who need to exert to use some powerful ability. Legolas, Greenleaf (1R50) , Gimli, Son of Gloin (1R13) , Úri, Dwarven Lord (9R11) , and Círdan, The Shipwright (10R8) appreciate being fully fully healed for the subsequent archery and skirmish phases. It also makes it easier to get use out of the many powerful cards that exert dwarfs, like Preparations (7R12) or Blood Runs Chill (8R3) . You can also just use it to get your companions out of the danger zone if they unexpectedly lose a skirmish or face a copy of Hate (1R250) . Also, since Shoulder to Shoulder works in the maneuver phase, you can use it to reshuffle a wound before your opponent has a chance to kill someone with Úlairë Enquëa, Lieutenant of Morgul (1U231) or Orkish Lackey (17C80) .

The best way to get mileage out of Shoulder to Shoulder is to have a plan for where you're going to park those wounds. One of the best ways to deal with them is allies, particularly Elven ones. Shoulder to Shoulder isn't limited to companions! Simply offload those wounds to a bunch of lazy jerks chilling out in your support area. You can even turn this into a healing value engine, with the right allies. If you have many allies, Galadriel, Lady of Light (1R45) and Elrond, Lord of Rivendell (1R40) can heal them en masse. (In fact, it contributed to both of those cards getting added to the X-list.) But even just Elrond, Herald to Gil-galad (3R13) can absorb two wounds harmlessly every single turn. If you're not using those allies (or sometimes even if you are), you can often "park" wounds on a dwarf or elf ring-bearerGimli, Bearer of Grudges (9R+4) or Galadriel, Bearer of Wisdom (9R+14) —on the idea that they're unlikely to be taking wounds unexpectedly. The One Ring, Answer To All Riddles (4R1) or The One Ring, The Ring of Doom (15R1) can give you some extra wound storage space. You can also just park the wounds on Gimli, Counter of Foes (8C5) , to strengthen him.

The only downside to Shoulder to Shoulder is that it generates twilight. Potentially a lot of twilight, if you're using it to transfer wounds from elf to elf or dwarf to dwarf via an intermediary. This isn't as bad as it could be, since you're generating that twilight in the Maneuver Phase. (You can even use it to safely enable Gandalf culture cards that want to spot twilight tokens, like Deep in Thought (3C30) .) That twilight isn't available to the Shadow player to use to play more minions (unless you move again this turn!). Also, you can just look at the board and make sure there aren't any cards in play that can soak up that extra twilight, like Greed (1R125) , Howl of Harad (4U236) , Easterling Captain (4R225) , or Rapid Reload (15U89) . Be careful against Raiders in general, though: Whirling Strike (4C260) , Red Wrath (7U157) , or Fierce in Despair (7R148) can take out a companion unexpectedly.

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