Maneuver Phase

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Maneuver Phase[edit]

From the Comprehensive Rules 4.0:

Perform Maneuver actions[edit]

During this phase, players may perform maneuver actions (special abilities on cards in play with “Maneuver:” and events with that keyword) using the action procedure.

<block 80:0:white;black;4px outset black;arial,sans-serif/10pt;>Action Procedure As the Free Peoples player, you get the first opportunity to perform an action, and then the player on your right gets an opportunity, and so on counter-clockwise around the table.

If a player does not wish to perform an action, he may simply pass. Passing does not prevent a player from performing an action later in the same phase.</block>

When all players consecutively pass, proceed to the archery phase. If there are no minions left after the maneuver phase, then skip directly to the regroup phase.

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