Boromir, Steward's Heir (0P65)

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Boromir, Steward's Heir (0P65) is a Culture Gondor.svg Gondor Companion from the Promotional set. It was distributed as a prize for players who participated in digital leagues for the Lord of the Rings Online TCG in January 2005.[1] The card is itself a cut-down version of the much more elaborate Customizable League Card used in the online client, representing a version of the card with 3 points invested into its customization (out of 30). Due to the relatively low popularity of signups for those leagues, the card remains one of the rarest in the game; its high price is purely due to that rarity, as the gameplay appeal is rock bottom.

Collection Info
Title Boromir
Subtitle Steward's Heir
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 0 - Promotional
Rarity P - Promotional
Card Number 65
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Gondor.svg Gondor
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Companion
Race Man
Twilight Cost 3
Strength 7
Vitality 3
Lore “...but at once, Boromir stood up, tall and proud before them.”
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN00S065.0
GEMP ID 0_65
LOTRO Hex ID 43 6B 18
LOTRO Image ID 00_100019


While at first glance it seems exciting to have a version of Boromir that can be involved with Knights, Rangers, or Ring-bound Men, the simple fact of the matter is that one seldom builds decks that need all three at once. If you need a Knight, use Boromir, Hero of Osgiliath (11R57) , if you need a Ranger use Boromir, Lord of Gondor (1R96) or Boromir, Defender of Minas Tirith (3P122) , and if you need him to be Ring-bound, run Boromir, Bearer of Council (9R+31) as your Ring-bearer.

Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Boromir, Lord of Gondor (1R96) Ranger.

Boromir is not overwhelmed unless his strength is tripled.

Boromir, Son of Denethor (1U97) Skirmish: Exert Boromir to make a Hobbit strength +3.
Boromir, Defender of Minas Tirith (3P122) Ranger.

Fellowship: Add Twilight 2.svg to heal Boromir.

Boromir, Bearer of Council (9R+31) While Boromir is the Ring-bearer, at the start of each skirmish involving him, add 3 burdens or wound him twice.

Each time Boromir wins a skirmish, discard each minion he is skirmishing.

Boromir, Hero of Osgiliath (11R57) Knight. Each time Boromir wins a skirmish, you may heal a Culture Gondor.svg companion.
Boromir, Defender of Minas Tirith (12U43) Ranger.

Fellowship: Add Twilight 2.svg to heal Boromir.

Boromir, Doomed Heir (13S62) Boromir is resistance –1 for each lurker minion you can spot.

Skirmish: Exert Boromir to make him strength +1 for each possession he bears.

Boromir, Proud and Noble Man (18R40) Ranger.

When you play Boromir (except in your starting fellowship), you may play a possession with a twilight cost of 1 or less on him from your draw deck.

Boromir, Destined Guide (19P13) Fellowship. Ranger.

While you can spot two unbound Hobbits, Boromir’s twilight cost is –1.

Each time Boromir wins a skirmish, you may exert an unbound Hobbit to discard each minion he is skirmishing from play.

Boromir, Steward's Heir (0W19)
Boromir, Redeemed (V1_20) Boromir is strength +2 for each minion he is skirmishing.

At the start of each assignment phase, you may exert another companion with the Aragorn signet to make Boromir defender +1 until the regroup phase.​