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Bill the Pony (3U106) is a Shire Possession from the Realms of the Elf-Lords set.

Collection Info
Title Bill the Pony
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Notes When the fellowship moves with Bill the Pony to an underground site, the Shadow number of that site is reduced before Bill the Pony is discarded. Lists: ERL, MXL.
Set 3 - Realms of the Elf-lords
Rarity U - Uncommon
Card Number 106
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Shire
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Possession
Twilight Cost 0
Game Text Bearer must be a Hobbit companion.

The Shadow number of each site is -1.

Discard Bill the Pony when at an underground site.

Lore “‘That animal can nearly talk.... He gave me a look as plain as Mr. Pippin could speak....'”
DE - German
Card Name Lutz, das Pony
Game Text Muss auf einen Hobbitgefährten gespielt werden. Die Schattenzahl jedes Ortes reduziert sich um 1. Lege Lutz, das Pony an einem unterirdischen Ort ab.
Lore "Das Tier kann fast sprechen... Es warf mir einen Blick zu, der ebenso deutlich das besagte, was Herr Pippin ausgesprochen hat...“
ES - Spanish
Card Name Bill el Pony
Game Text El portador debe ser un compañero Hobbit. El número de Sombra de cada sitio es -1. Descarta a Bill el Pony cuando esté en un sitio Subterráneo.
Lore “Ese animal casi habla... me echó una mirada tan elocuente como las palabras del Señor Pippin...”
FR - French
Card Name Bill le Poney
Game Text Le détenteur doit être un compagnon Hobbit. La puissance de l’Ombre à chaque site est de -1. Défaussez Bill le Poney s’il se trouve à un site souterrain pendant la phase de compagnie ou de ralliement.
Lore « “Cette bête peut presque parler... Elle m'a dit par le regard aussi clairement que M. Pippin aurait pu l'exprimer en paroles...” »
IT - Italian
Card Name Bill il Pony
Game Text Il possessore deve essere un compagno Hobbit. Il numero Ombra di ogni sito diminuisce di -1. Scarta Bill il Pony quando sei in un sito Sotterraneo.
Lore “‘Quell'animale sa quasi parlare... mi ha lanciato uno sguardo esplicito quanto le parole del signor Pipino...'”
PL - Polish

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN03S106.0
GEMP ID 3_106
LOTRO Hex ID 6A 72 DC 02
LOTRO Image ID 03_106


Bill the Pony is one of the core choke cards of Fellowship Block. Similarly to No Stranger to the Shadows (1U108) or A Talent for Not Being Seen (1U316) , he offsets the twilight generated by having a companion in your Fellowship when you move. Bill the Pony can be played on Frodo, and is thus useful in every Fellowship in the main formats where he is legal.

The more choke cards you stack, the more effective they become, so he's often played with those two cards, as well as Aragorn, Heir to the White City (3R38) , Consorting With Wizards (2R97) , Sting (1R313) , and occasionally Galadriel, Lady of Light (1R45) and Gimli, Dwarf of the Mountain-race (2P121) . In Fellowship Block, he's always discarded at The Bridge of Khazad-dûm (1C349) , and often discarded at site 4, so you'll need to play him twice. Sam, Faithful Companion (1R310) can help with that, downloading Bill twice, but keeping Sam around long enough to do that is usually counterproductive to keeping your twilight generation down, so Sam often ends up as a chump blocker instead.

In Tower Block and Towers Standard, there are fewer underground sites to get Bill down. While some of the other choke cards are X-listed, he's often played alongside Legolas, Dauntless Hunter (4R73) . In later formats, Bill is consigned to the X-list himself along with most of the other choke cards.

Bill the Pony comes back off the X-list for Expanded, where he is only on the R-list, limiting you to one copy of him per deck. It hardly matters, though, because underground sites are far too popular in that format. Even if you packed strong site manipulation, the one site that can't ever be manipulated, Mount Doom (15R193) , is underground.

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  • From the 2002 FAQ: When the fellowship moves with Bill the Pony to an underground site, the Shadow number of that site is reduced before Bill the Pony is discarded.

Alternate Versions[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Bill the Pony, Dearly-loved (13R143) Bearer must be a Ring-bound Hobbit.

When you play Bill the Pony, you may reinforce a token.

Regroup: Spot 2 minions and remove 2 tokens to make a Shadow player discard a minion from play. ​

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