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Merry, Learned Guide (4C310) is a Shire Companion from the The Two Towers set.

Collection Info
Title Merry
Subtitle Learned Guide
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 4 - The Two Towers
Rarity C - Common
Card Number 310
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Shire
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Companion
Race Hobbit
Twilight Cost 1
Strength 3
Vitality 4
Signet Frodo
Game Text Skirmish: Exert the Ring-bearer to discard Merry. Any Shadow player may remove to prevent this.
Lore “‘I don't suppose you have much notion where we are; but I spent my time at Rivendell rather better.'”
DE - German

Game Text Kampf Strenge den Ringträger an, um Merry abzulegen. Ein beliebiger Schatten-spieler kann den Einfluss um verringern, um dies zu verhindern.
Lore "Ich vermute , du hast nicht viel Ahnung, wo wir sind; aber ich habe meine Zeit in Bruchtal besser ausgenützt.“
ES - Spanish

Game Text Escaramuza: Esfuerza al Portador del Anillo para descartar a Merry. Cualquier jugador de Sombra puede quitar para prevenir esto.
Lore “No creo que sepas muy bien dónde estamos; pero he aprovechado mejor que tú el tiempo que pasamos en Rivendel.”
FR - French

Game Text Combat : Affaiblissez le Porteur de l’Anneau pour défausser Merry. N’importe quel joueur de l’Ombre peut retirer pour empêcher ceci.
Lore « “Je ne pense pas que tu saches guère où nous sommes; mais j'ai un peu mieux profité de mon temps à Fondcombe.” »
IT - Italian

Game Text Schermaglia: Sforza il Portatore dell’Anello per scartare Merry. Ogni giocatore Ombra può rimuovere per prevenire questo effetto.
Lore “‘Immagino che tu non abbia che una vaga nozione di dove ci troviamo, mentre io impiegai il mio tempo a Gran Burrone in modo più utile.'”

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN04S310.0
GEMP ID 4_310
LOTRO Hex ID 66 A3 D0 03
LOTRO Image ID 04_310


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Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Merry, Friend to Sam (1R302) Skirmish: If Merry is not assigned to a skirmish, exert him twice to add his strength to another companion.
Merry, From O'er the Brandywine (1C303) While Merry bears a weapon, he is strength +2.
Merry, Horticulturalist (2C104) Fellowship: Exert Merry to play Farmer Maggot from your draw deck.
Merry, Unquenchable Hobbit (4R311) Skirmish: If Merry is not assigned to a skirmish, discard him to remove a Orc from a skirmish involving an unbound companion.
Merry, Impatient Hobbit (6R113) Regroup: Discard Merry to heal a companion.
Merry, Rohirrim Squire (7C320) Skirmish: If you cannot spot 3 threats, add a threat to make Merry strength +2.
Merry, Swordthain (7R321) Skirmish: If Merry is not assigned to a skirmish, return him to your hand to play up to 2 possessions from your discard pile.
Merry, Noble Warrior (8P121) To play, spot a companion.

Skirmish: Discard 4 cards from hand to make Merry strength +2 for each companion you spot.

Merry, Loyal Companion (11C168) For each other unbound companion assigned to a skirmish, Merry is strength +2.
Merry, The Tall One (15C149) While Merry bears a follower, he is strength +2.

Skirmish:If Merry is skirmishing a hunter minion, add a threat to make Merry strength +2.

Merry, In the Bloom of Health (17U107) Add 1 to the number of Ents you can spot.

Regroup:</br> Exert Merry to place a pipeweed from your discard pile beneath your draw deck.

Merry, Resolute Friend (19P29) Fellowship.

Skirmish: If Merry is not assigned to a skirmish, take 2 cards from your discard pile and remove them from the game to make a companion strength +2.

Merry, Of Buckland (V1_52) Assignment: Exert Merry 3 times to prevent a minion from being assigned to a skirmish until the regroup phase. The Shadow player may exhaust that minion to prevent this.

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