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Gollum, Stinker (5R25) is a Gollum Minion from the Battle of Helm's Deep set.

Collection Info
Title Gollum
Subtitle Stinker
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 5 - Battle of Helm's Deep
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 25
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Gollum
Side Shadow
Card Type Minion
Twilight Cost 2
Strength 5
Vitality 4
Site Number 3
Game Text Gollum is strength +1 for each burden. Each time Gollum wins a skirmish, you may add a burden.
Lore “‘Still he's a Baggins, my precious, yes, a Baggins. A Baggins stole it. He found it and he said nothing. We hates Bagginses.'”
DE - German

Game Text Gollum erhält Stärke +1 für jede Lastmarke auf dem Ringträger. Jedes Mal, wenn Gollum einen Kampf gewinnt, darfst du eine Lastmarke auf den Ringträger legen.
Lore "Immerhin ist er ein Beutlin, mein Schatz, ja, ein Beutlin. Ein Beutlin hat ihn gestohlen. Er fand ihn und hat nichts gesagt, nichts. Wir hassen Beutlins.“
ES - Spanish

Game Text Gollum es fuerza +1 por cada carga. Cada vez que Gollum gana una escaramuza, puedes añadir una carga.
Lore “Sin embargo es un Bolsón, mi tesoro, un Bolsón. Y fue un Bolsón quien lo robó. Lo encontró y no dijo nada, nada. Odiamos a los Bolsones.”
FR - French

Game Text Gollum a +1 en force pour chaque point-fardeau. Chaque fois que Gollum gagne un combat, vous pouvez ajouter un point-fardeau.
Lore « “C'est pourtant un Sacquet, mon Trésor, oui, un Sacquet. C'est un Sacquet qui l'a volé. Il l'a trouvé, et il n'a rien dit, rien. On déteste les Sacquet.” »
IT - Italian

Game Text Aggiungi +1 alla forza di Gollum per ogni segnalino fardello. Ogni volta che Gollum vince una schermaglia, puoi aggiungere un segnalino fardello.
Lore “‘Eppure è un Baggins, tesoro mio, sì, un Baggins. Fu un Baggins a rubarlo. Lo trovò e non disse nulla, nulla. Noi odiamo Baggins.'”

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN05S025.0
GEMP ID 5_25
LOTRO Hex ID 69 B5 C4 04
LOTRO Image ID 05_025


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Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Gollum, Nasty Treacherous Creature (5C24) Regroup: Discard Gollum to exert a companion or ally.
Gollum, Old Villain (6C40) Skirmish: Discard a card from hand to make Gollum strength +1 (or +2 if skirmishing a Ring-bound companion).
Gollum, Plotting Deceiver (7R58) If you have initiative during the Shadow phase, you may play this minion from your discard pile.
Gollum, Vile Creature (7C59) Skirmish: Exert Gollum twice or remove a threat to make him strength +2.
Gollum, Dark as Darkness (9R+28) Shadow: Exert Gollum twice to exert the Ring-bearer.

Shadow: Remove a burden to add . Skirmish: Remove a burden to add . Regroup: Remove a burden to add .

Regroup: Exert Gollum twice to wound the Ring-bearer.

Gollum, Mad Thing (10R21) To assign Gollum to a skirmish, the Free Peoples player must make Gollum strength +3 until the regroup phase or add a burden.
Gollum, Skulker (11R42) Lurker. (Skirmishes involving lurker minions must be resolved after any others.)

Skirmish: Exert Gollum twice to make another minion strength +2.

Gollum, Her Sneak (13U50) While a card titled Déagol is removed from the game, Gollum is strength +2 and fierce.

Shadow: Remove a card titled Déagol in your discard pile from the game to play this minion from your discard pile.

Gollum, Hopeless (15R43) At the start of each skirmish involving Gollum, he is strength +X until the end of that skirmish, where X is the Ring-bearer’s strength.
Gollum, Threatening Guide (19P10) Gollum is strength +1 for each threat you can spot.

Each time Gollum wins a skirmish, you may add a threat.

Gollum, Worker of Mischief (0W5) To play, spot a condition. Menace - When you play Gollum you may make the move limit for this turn –1.
Gollum, Wretched Creature (0W18)

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