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Gandalf's Staff, Walking Stick (4R91) is a Gandalf Artifact from the The Two Towers set.

Collection Info
Title Gandalf's Staff
Subtitle Walking Stick
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 4 - The Two Towers
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 91
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Gandalf
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Artifact
Item Class Staff
Twilight Cost 2
Vitality +1
Game Text Bearer must be Gandalf.

While you can spot 2 twilight tokens, Gandalf is damage +2.

Lore “‘The staff in the hand of a Wizard may be more than a prop for age....'”
DE - German
Card Name Gandalfs Stab, Eine Gehstütze
Game Text Muss auf Gandalf gespielt werden. Solange du einen Einfluss von mindestens 2 entdecken kannst, erhält Gandalf Schaden +2.
Lore "Der Stab in der Hand eines Zauberers mag mehr sein als eine Hilfe für das Alter.“
ES - Spanish
Card Name La Vara De Gandalf, Bastón de Andar
Game Text El portador debe ser Gandalf. Mientras puedas avistar 2 contadores de penumbra, Gandalf es daño +1.
Lore “Esa vara en manos de un mago puede ser algo más que un simple báculo...”
FR - French
Card Name Le Bâton de Gandalf, Bâton de Marche
Game Text Le détenteur doit être Gandalf. Tant que vous pouvez désigner 2 jetons-crépuscule, Gandalf inflige des dégâts +2.
Lore « “Le bâton entre les mains d'un magicien peut-être plus qu'un simple soutien pour la vieillesse...” »
IT - Italian
Card Name Bastone di Gandalf, Bastone da Passeggio
Game Text Il possessore deve essere Gandalf. Mentre puoi avvistare 2 segnalini crepuscolo, Gandalf ha Danno +2.
Lore “‘Il bastone nelle mani di uno stregone potrebbe essere più di un semplice sostegno...'”

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN04S091.0
GEMP ID 4_91
LOTRO Hex ID 6B 95 D0 03
LOTRO Image ID 04_091


Recently in the last couple of tournaments that I’ve participated in, I’ve noticed a rather disconcerting trend. Many people question why I use the Walking Stick over Gandalf’s Staff from the Mines of Moria Expansion. Sure, the Walking Stick does not let you cancel any skirmish and doesn’t make Gandalf’s spells cost one less twilight, but this new elegant staff has another, more direct, use.

When one looks at the staff’s gametext, they will see two simple lines: Bearer must be Gandalf. While you can spot two twilight tokens, Gandalf is damage +2. Many people feel it’s risky to use a staff that only provides a damage bonus unless one can spot two twilight tokens. With Gandalf, getting the twilight tokens is not hard with cards like Roll of Thunder around to add twilight after the shadow phase. Plus, with the White Wizard being as popular as he is, it does not help him to have every spell cost one less twilight as the twilight pool may not reach the required three to let him become strength +3, hence the Walking Stick and The White Wizard work together (as they should.)

Now to the real meat of the staff: the +2 damage bonus. Coupled with Shadowfax or Glamdring, Gandalf becomes a monster that deals out three to four wounds to one minion. Not many minions can survive such a beating. How many times have you used Trust Me or Servant of the Secret fire to beat the Witch King in one skirmish only to pay with interest in the fierce skirmish? With Gandalf and his Walking Stick and either possession, he will deal four wounds to the Witch King making sure there will be no second skirmish and clearing the way to double move. This staff is also useful against high vitality minions such as Warg-riders and their Wargs, or against Dunland by causing too many wounds for Hides to protect against. While the Moria staff is more defensive, this staff is much more offensive which is very handy when taking the game to your opponent rather then just reacting to his plays.

What’s important to remember about this staff is that it’s mainly only useful in the hands of The White Wizard or Friend of the Shirefolk. They are currently the only ones (before the release of the Ents expansion) that have a good chance of beating most of the high vitality minions worth worrying about. The Grey Wizard, The Grey Pilgrim and Greyhame are much better served sticking with the Mines of Moria version of Gandalf’s Staff. >by Jason Turco

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Alternate Versions[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Gandalf's Staff (2R22) Bearer must be Gandalf.

The twilight cost of each spell is -1.

Skirmish: Exert Gandalf twice to cancel a skirmish involving him.

Gandalf's Staff, Focus of Power (7R38) Bearer must be Gandalf.

While you can spot 4 twilight tokens, Gandalf is strength +1.

Gandalf's Staff, Ash-staff (11R34) Bearer must be a Wizard.

If bearer is Gandalf, he gains muster. (At the start of the regroup phase, you may discard a card from hand to draw a card.) Each time bearer wins a skirmish, choose a Shadow player who must wound a minion. ​

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