Faramir, Bearer of Quality (17R28)

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Faramir, Bearer of Quality (17R28) is a Culture Gondor.svg Gondor Companion from the Rise of Saruman set.

Collection Info
Title Faramir
Subtitle Bearer of Quality
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 17 - Rise of Saruman
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 28
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Gondor.svg Gondor
Side Free Peoples
Card Type Companion
Race Man
Twilight Cost 3
Strength 7
Vitality 3
Resistance 6
Game Text While Faramir is the Ring-bearer, at the start of each skirmish involving him, add 2 burdens or 2 threats.

Skirmish: While Faramir is the Ring-bearer, you may wound Faramir to make a minion skirmishing a Culture Gondor.svg Man roaming until the end of the turn.

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN17S028.0
GEMP ID 17_28
LOTRO Hex ID 6C 65 36 10
LOTRO Image ID 17_028


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Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
LOTR-EN04S116.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Captain of Gondor (4R116)LOTR-EN04S116.0 card.jpg Ring-bound. Ranger.

The twilight cost of each other Culture Gondor.svg Man in your starting fellowship is -1.

While skirmishing a roaming minion, Faramir is strength +2.

LOTR-EN04S117.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Son of Denethor (4C117)LOTR-EN04S117.0 card.jpg Ring-bound. Ranger.

An opponent may not play skirmish events or use skirmish special abilities during skirmishes involving Faramir.

LOTR-EN06S121.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Ithilien Ranger (6P121)LOTR-EN06S121.0 card.jpg Ring-bound. Ranger. If Faramir is in your starting fellowship, his twilight cost is –1. Fellowship: Play a ranger to heal a Ring-bound companion.
LOTR-EN07S090.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Stout Captain (7C90)LOTR-EN07S090.0 card.jpg Ranger. To play, spot a Culture Gondor.svg Man.

Each time Faramir wins a skirmish involving a fierce minion, you may exert Faramir to discard that minion.

LOTR-EN07S091.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Wizard's Pupil (7R91)LOTR-EN07S091.0 card.jpg Ranger.

Fellowship: Play a Culture Rohan.svg Man to heal Faramir.

Skirmish: Exert Faramir to make an unbound Hobbit strength +2.

Skirmish: Exert Gandalf to prevent all wounds to Faramir.

LOTR-EN08S034.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Defender of Osgiliath (8C34)LOTR-EN08S034.0 card.jpg Knight.

When you play Faramir (except in your starting fellowship), you may reveal the top 10 cards of your draw deck. You may play a knight revealed. Shuffle your draw deck.

LOTR-EN12S047.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Dunadan of Gondor (12R47)LOTR-EN12S047.0 card.jpg Ranger.

Skirmish: Exert Faramir to make him strength +1 for each wound on the Ring-bearer.

LOTR-EN13S066.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Prince of Ithilien (13C66)LOTR-EN13S066.0 card.jpg While you can spot Boromir, Faramir is twilight cost –1.

While you can spot Denethor, Faramir is twilight cost –1.

While Faramir bears a Culture Gondor.svg possession, he is defender +1.

LOTR-EN18S048.0 portrait.jpg
Faramir, Captain of Ithilien (18R48)LOTR-EN18S048.0 card.jpg Ranger. Hunter 2.

If Faramir is in your starting fellowship, his twilight cost is -1.

Maneuver: Exert Faramir to heal a companion with resistance 5 or more.​

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