Ulaire Lemenya, Eternally Threatening (15R185)

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Ulaire Lemenya, Eternally Threatening (15R185) is a Culture Ringwraith.svg Ringwraith Minion from the The Hunters set.

Collection Info
Title Úlairë Lemenya
Subtitle Eternally Threatening
Unique Yes
Collectible Yes
Set 15 - The Hunters
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 185
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Ringwraith.svg Ringwraith
Side Shadow
Card Type Minion
Race Nazgul
Twilight Cost 4
Strength 9
Vitality 2
Site Number 3
Game Text Fierce.

When you play Úlairë Lemenya, you may remove Twilight 1.svg to add a threat for each Free Peoples culture you can spot.

Lore “Soon there could be no doubt: three or four tall black figures were standing on the slope, looking down on them.”
Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN15S185.0
GEMP ID 15_185
LOTRO Hex ID 69 27 4E 0E
LOTRO Image ID 15_185


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Alternate Personas[edit]

Portrait Name Game Text
Úlairë Lemenya, Lieutenant of Morgul (1U232) Each companion or ally who bears a Culture Ringwraith.svg condition is strength -2.
Úlairë Lemenya, Winged Hunter (6U86) Regroup: Exert Úlairë Lemenya and discard 3 cards from hand to return a companion (except the Ring-bearer) to owner’s hand.
Úlairë Lemenya, Assailing Minion (7R213) Úlairë Lemenya is strength +1 for each other Culture Ringwraith.svg minion you spot.

While you can spot 3 Culture Ringwraith.svg minions Úlairë Lemenya is fierce.

While you can spot 4 Culture Ringwraith.svg minions Úlairë Lemenya is damage +1.

Úlairë Lemenya, Wraith on Wings (7U214) Regroup: If you have initiative, discard Úlairë Lemenya to discard a possession.
Úlairë Lemenya, Thrall of the One (10U69) Enduring. Fierce.

Shadow cards cannot exert Úlairë Lemenya during a skirmish phase.

Skirmish: Heal Úlairë Lemenya to wound up to 3 other Culture Ringwraith.svg minions.

Úlairë Lemenya, Fifth of the Nine Riders (11S221) Each character skirmishing Úlairë Lemenya who has resistance 5 or less is strength –3.
Úlairë Lemenya, Black Enemy (12U176) When you play Úlairë Lemenya, you may play a Culture Ringwraith.svg mount from your discard pile.
Úlairë Lemenya, Servant of the Shadow (13U183) Fierce.

Shadow: Exert Úlairë Lemenya and discard a Nazgûl from your hand to discard a condition from play.

Úlairë Lemenya, Dark Enemy (19P37) Fierce.

Úlairë Lemenya is strength +1 for each Culture Ringwraith.svg possession in your discard pile.​

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