Troll of Cirith Gorgor (10R101)

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Troll of Cirith Gorgor (10R101) is a Culture Sauron.svg Sauron Minion from the Mount Doom set.

Collection Info
Title Troll of Cirith Gorgor
Unique No
Collectible Yes
Set 10 - Mount Doom
Rarity R - Rare
Card Number 101
Language EN - English
Revision 0
Gameplay Info
Playable Yes
Culture Culture Sauron.svg Sauron
Side Shadow
Card Type Minion
Race Troll
Twilight Cost 7
Strength 14
Vitality 4
Site Number 6
Game Text Damage +1. Fierce. To play, spot a Culture Sauron.svg minion.

This minion is strength +1 for each possession you can spot.

Lore “...these fell creatures would bite the throats of those that they threw down.”
DE - German
Card Name Troll von Cirith Gorgor
Game Text Schaden +1. Erbittert. Entdecke einen Culture Sauron.svg Diener, um diesen Diener zu spielen.

Dieser Diener erhält Stärke +1 für jede Ausrüstung, die du entdecken kannst.

Lore ... diese grausamen Geschöpfe beißen demjenigen, den sie niederstrecken, die Kehle durch.
FR - French
IT - Italian

Technical Info
Wiki Base Card ID LOTR-EN10S101.0
GEMP ID 10_101
LOTRO Hex ID 65 6E 89 09
LOTRO Image ID 10_101


Troll of Cirith Gorgor is a prime example of Decipher throwing all power-considerations out the window for their Mount Doom set. This minion is frightening under normal circumstances, but tailor a deck around it and it turns into an absolute monster. You see, the wording of its strength enhancer enables you to spot any possession, Free Peoples or Shadow. This includes possessions in any active support area, too!

The easiest way to abuse this Troll is to splash into your deck as many support area Shadow possessions as you desire. The cheaper the better. Hides, for example, only costs [1], but it doesn't require spotting anything and you get a free card draw! Scaffolding, Larder, Spider Poison, and Corsair War Galley are the go-to cards for this sort of abuse. You can easily double the strength of your Trolls by simply dropping these possessions whenever you draw into them.

Strengths and Weaknesses[edit]

Strong Versus...[edit]

  • Possession-heavy Fellowships. Limited or no directed archery fire. Hobbits.

Weak Versus...[edit]

  • Four vitality is nothing to sneeze at, but any Fellowship with a focus on arrows can drop this troll.